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T and B lymphocyte assays
T-cell count
T-lymphocyte count
T3 radioimmunoassay
T3 resin uptake
T3 test
T3RU test
T4 test
Tangent screen exam
Tape test
Tartrate resistant acid phosphatase test
TB skin test
TB smear
TBG level
TBG level - blood
Tear test
Tearing test
Technetium scan
Temperature measurement
Tensilon test
Test for precipitating antibodies
Testicle ultrasound
Testicular biopsy
Testicular self-examination
Testicular sonogram
Tests for H. pylori
Tests of adrenal reserve
Thallium stress test
The PKU test
Therapeutic drug levels
Therapeutic drug monitoring
Thoracic CT
Thoracic MRI
Thoracic spine CT scan
Thoracic spine films
Thoracic spine x-ray
Thoracic x-ray
Thormahlen's test
Throat culture and sensitivity
Throat lesion biopsy
Throat swab culture
Thrombocyte count
Thymus derived lymphocyte count
Thyroglobulin antibody
Thyroid antimicrosomal antibody
Thyroid echogram
Thyroid function tests
Thyroid hormone-binding ratio
Thyroid nodule fine needle aspirate biopsy
Thyroid peroxidase antibody
Thyroid scan
Thyroid sonogram
Thyroid stimulating hormone
Thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin
Thyroid ultrasound
Thyroxine test
Tissue sampling
Tissue typing
Titer - antibodies
Tomogram - chest
Tongue biopsy
TORCH screen
Total bilirubin - blood
Total CO2
Total iron binding capacity
Total protein
Toxicology screen
Toxoplasma antibody titer
Toxoplasma serology
Toxoplasma test
Transthoracic echocardiogram (TTE)
Transthoracic needle aspiration
Transvaginal ultrasound
TRAP test
Triacylglycerol test
Triglyceride level
Triple screen test
Troponin test
Trypsin and chymotrypsin in stool
Trypsin-like immunoreactivity
Trypsinogen test
TSH receptor antibody
TSH test
Tuberculin skin test
Tuberculosis smear
Tularemia test
Type 5b acid phosphatase test
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