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Disease Reference

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Lack of intrinsic factor
Lacrimal gland tumor
Lactase deficiency
Lactation - abnormal
Lactic acidosis
Lactose intolerance
Laennec's cirrhosis
Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome
Lambert-Eaton syndrome
Lamellar ichthyosis
Landouzy-Dejerine muscular dystrophy
Landry-Guillain-Barre syndrome
Langerhans cell histiocytosis
Language disorder - children
Language disorder - expressive
Larva migrans visceralis
Laryngeal cancer
Laryngeal nerve damage
Laryngotracheobronchitis - acute
Late syphilis
Lateral epicondylitis
Lateral rectus palsy
Lazy eye
Learned insomnia
LeFort injuries
Left ventricular outflow tract obstruction
Left-sided heart failure
Legg-Calve-Perthes disease
Legionella pneumonia
Legionnaire's disease
Leiomyoma - intestine
Lemming fever
Lens opacity
Leopard syndrome
Lesch-Nyhan syndrome
Letterer-Siwe disease
Leukemia - acute childhood (ALL)
Leukemia - acute granulocytic
Leukemia - acute myeloid (AML)
Leukemia - chronic granulocytic
Leukemia - chronic lymphocytic (CLL)
Leukemia - hairy cell
Leukemia - nonlymphocytic (ANLL)
Leukemic reticuloendotheliosis
Leukemoid reaction
Leukodystrophy - metachromatic
Lewy body dementia
Leydig cell tumor
Lice - body
Lice - pubic
Lichen planus
Lichen simplex chronicus
Limb-girdle muscular dystrophies
Limited scleroderma
Lipid disorders
Lipoid nephrosis
Little stroke
Livedo reticularis
Liver abscess
Liver cancer
Liver cancer - metastatic
Liver cirrhosis
Liver disease
Liver disease due to alcohol
Liver hemangioma
Liver metastases
Liver spots
Lobular capillary hemangioma
Lobular carcinoma in situ
Lobular GN
Localized fibrous tumor of the pleura
Localized lymphadenopathy
Localized scleroderma
Locomotor ataxia
Loeffler syndrome
Lou Gehrig's disease
Louis-Bar syndrome
Low back pain
Low back pain - acute
Low back pain - chronic
Low blood magnesium
Low blood phosphate
Low blood potassium
Low blood pressure
Low blood sugar
Low blood sugar - newborns
Low density lipoprotein receptor mutation
Low-grade chronic hyperbilirubinemia
Low-grade dysplasia-HPV
Lower esophageal ring
Lower urinary tract obstruction
Lucey-Driscol syndrome
Ludwig's angina
Lumbar pain
Lumbar pain - chronic
Lumbar radiculopathy
Lump in the rectum
Lumpy jaw
Lung blood clot
Lung cancer
Lung cancer - non-small cell
Lung cancer - small cell
Lung congestion
Lung disease
Lung disease - rheumatoid arthritis
Lung metastases
Lung water
Lupoid hepatitis
Lupus - drug induced
Lupus anticoagulants
Lupus erythematosus
Lupus glomerular disease
Lupus nephritis
Lyell's syndrome
Lyme disease
Lymph gland infection
Lymph node infection
Lymphatic obstruction
Lymphoblastic lymphoma
Lymphocytic lymphoma
Lymphocytic thyroiditis
Lymphofollicular hyperplasia
Lymphofollicular hypertrophy
Lymphogranuloma inguinale
Lymphogranuloma venereum
Lymphoid hyperplasia
Lymphoid hypertrophy
Lymphoma - adults
Lymphoma - brain
Lymphoma - Hodgkin's
Lymphoma - mediastinal
Lymphoma - non-Hodgkin's
Lymphopathia venereum
Lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma
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