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The comprehensive A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia contains 3,600 original illustrated articles featuring over 2,000 original illustrations in eight topic categories (shown below). Articles are written by health professionals in clear, concise language and include cross-reference hyperlinks to related information, as well as literature source-references for further study.

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The objective of each feature article is to communicate the current standard of medical practice in a given area, and each article is reviewed by a team of medical specialists. Click on the links below to browse the Illustrated Health Encyclopedia.

Disease Reference
Comprehensive articles covering over 1,600 topics. The articles are organized by the disease/condition overview, symptoms, treatment, and prevention.

Injury Reference
Articles covering the overview, symptoms, treatment and prevention of 64 injuries, from animal bites to whiplash.

Nutrition Reference
Over 70 topics with information on everything from vitamins and minerals - including an overview, dosage recommendations, side effects and food sources - to additives in food, school lunches, vegetarianism and much more.

Poison Reference
Over 300 topics containing an overview, symptoms and treatment options for poisoning and overdosing on many substances, from acetaminophen to window-cleaner.

Special Topic Reference
Over 500 topics ranging from exercise to smoking cessation to travel-tips.

Surgery Reference
Graphical presentations covering over 100 topics from gastrointestinal conditions to plastic surgery.

Symptoms Reference
Detailed information on over 300 specific symptoms (e.g., abdominal pain, headache, or heart palpitations), allowing consumers to search topics by what they are experiencing.

Test Reference
Over 600 topics that cover everything from an abdominal CT scan to X-rays; each provides an overview, the risks of the test, and what the results may mean.

For more information on diseases & conditions, see also: Harvard Health Topics, Patient CareNotes, Medical Dictionary.

Content for the Illustrated Health Encyclopedia is primarily provided by A.D.A.M., a healthcare information company that subscribes to the principles of the Health on the Net Foundation and is accredited by URAC.

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