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Antimalarial quinolines

What are Antimalarial quinolines?

Antimalarial quinolines are used to prevent and treat malaria. During the blood stages of the life cycle of malaria parasite the parasite needs to degrade hemoglobin. Hemoglobin digestion releases free heme that is toxic to the parasite, so it is then polymerised to non toxic hemozoin. Antimalarial quinolines are thought to interfere with this polymerisation and kills the malaria parasite by the accumulation of toxic free heme.

List of Antimalarial quinolines:

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chloroquine systemic (Pro, More...)
0 reviews
quinine systemic (Pro, More...)
15 reviews
hydroxychloroquine systemic (Pro, More...)
195 reviews
mefloquine systemic (Pro, More...)
15 reviews
primaquine systemic (Pro, More...)
0 reviewsAdd rating