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PHOSCHOL (American Lecithin)

Phosphatidylcholine (highly purified lecithin)
Softgels and Concentrate


PhosChol 900 contains 900 mg of pure phosphatidylcholine in each softgel.

PhosChol Concentrate contains 3000 mg of pure phosphatidylcholine in each teaspoonful.


Choline circulating in the blood after PC ingestion is taken up into all cells of the body. The brain has a unique way of ensuring that its nerve cells will receive adequate supplies of circulating choline.

A special protein molecule within the brain's capillaries traps the circulating choline, and then transports it across the blood-brain barrier, into the brain. Once in the brain, choline is incorporated into the brain's own PC, which is an essential and major part of neuronal membranes. Circulating choline transported into the brain has an additional very important function for a special group of nerve cells that make a biochemical, acetylcholine, which is released into synapses as a neurotransmitter. It provides the essential precursor used to synthesize acetylcholine. Moreover, when nerve cells are active, firing frequently and releasing large quantities of acetylcholine, their ability to make adequate amounts of the neurotransmitter requires that they receive adequate amounts of choline from the blood stream. In the absence of adequate choline, the ability of nerve cells to transmit messages to other cells across synapses is impaired and neuronal cell membranes can be depleted of PC causing cell damage. In contrast, when supplemental choline is provided, these messages can be amplified and membrane structure maintained.

PhosChol brand of highly purified lecithin has been carefully developed to contain the highest concentration of phosphatidylcholine commercially available and can provide for the highest blood choline levels.

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PhosChol nutritional supplements may be recommended for two purposes:

To guard against low blood choline levels, and to restore blood choline levels in patients suffering from selected brain disorders. Amounts of PC sufficient to increase blood choline levels would help support normal cellular membrane composition and repair; they would also provide sufficient precursor choline for the maintenance of acetylcholine biosynthesis. Taken according to these schedules, dietary supplements of PC are an aid to good health, and protect against low choline stores.

To increase blood choline by 50%, patients should take 3 grams of PhosChol before meals by noon. To double blood choline levels, patients should take 9 grams of PhosChol before meals by noon. If ingestion before meals causes intestinal distress, it is recommended that PhosChol be taken either with meals or immediately thereafter.

Adverse Reactions

No major side effects have been reported in connection with consumption of large quantities of phosphatidylcholine or commercially available (less pure) lecithin.

Minor side effects may be seen such as increased salivation, nausea and upset stomach.

How Supplied

One strength as clear, amber colored, one-piece sealed softgels.

PhosChol 900 contains 900 mg of pure phosphatidylcholine in each softgel and is available in bottles of 30, 100 and 300 softgels. Ten softgels a day provide 9 grams of phosphatidylcholine.

One strength as a liquid concentrate.

PhosChol Concentrate contains 3000 mg of pure phosphatidylcholine in each teaspoonful and is available in 8 oz., and 16 oz. bottles. Three teaspoonsful a day provide 9 grams of phosphatidylcholine.

Further information

Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances.