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Biomune OSF Plus Capsules (Matol)

Dietary supplement for immune system support


Biomune OSF™ Plus is an immune system support product for all ages. Biomune OSF™ Plus is a combination of a special extract of antigen infused colostrum and whey with the herb Astragalus. The exclusive colostrum/whey extract (Ai/E 10™ ) is prepared using a patented and proprietary process unique to the nutritional industry. Astragalus is a traditional Chinese herb that is known for its immune enhancing properties. Clinical studies show that Biomune OSF™ Plus is effective in consistently and dramatically increasing Natural Killer cell activity. Medical research has shown that low NK cell activity is present in most illness. A double blind study with antigen infused dialyzable bovine colostrum/whey shows its effectiveness as an immune system modulator.

Summary of clinical studies:

The Use of Dialyzable Bovine Colostrum/Whey Extract in Conjunction with a Holistic Treatment Model for Natural Killer Cell Stimulation in Chronic Illness by Jesse A. Stoff, MD

This clinical study consists of 107 patients with an average treatment time of 13.2 months. The average initial Natural Killer (NK) cell activity was 18 Lytic Units (LU) and the average final NK cell activity was 246 LU. All patients in the study greatly improved, went into remission or recovered.

Conclusions: The Study Group demonstrated that increased NK activity paralleled restored resistance to illness and recovery from illness.

An Examination of Immune Response Modulation in Humans by Antigen Infused Dialyzable Bovine Colostrum/Whey Extract Utilizing a Double Blind Study by Jesse A. Stoff, MD.

This study provides double blind evidence that the cytokines, peptide neurohormones and other informational molecules in Antigen Infused Dialyzable Bovine Colostrum/Whey Extract modulate and normalize immune function. Further, Antigen Infused Dialyzable Bovine Colostrum/Whey Extract demonstrates its effectiveness as a Biological Immune Response Modulator for increasing the protective functions of the immune system.

Both studies are available from Matol Botanical International Ltd. upon request.

Use:   Dietary Supplement

Directions for Use:   Take one capsule daily for maintenance and one or two capsules every 2-3 hours when additional immune support is needed. The product can be taken daily for maintenance or as above for extended periods of time. There is no known toxicity.

How Supplied

One bottle contains 30 capsules.


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