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Trelstar Depot Dosage

Generic name: triptorelin pamoate
Dosage form: injection

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The information at is not a substitute for medical advice. Always consult your doctor or pharmacist.

TRELSTAR DEPOT Must Be Administered Under the Supervision of a Physician.

The recommended dose of TRELSTAR DEPOT is 3.75 mg incorporated in a depot formulation and is administered monthly as a single intramuscular injection. The lyophilized microgranules are to be reconstituted in sterile water. No other diluent should be used.

Reconstitute in accord with the following:


  1. Using a syringe fitted with a sterile 20-gauge needle, withdraw 2 mL sterile water for injection, USP, and after removing the flip-off seal from the vial, inject into the vial.

  2. Shake well to thoroughly disperse particles to obtain a uniform suspension. The suspension will appear milky.

  3. Withdraw the entire content of the reconstituted suspension into the syringe and inject it immediately.

For the TRELSTAR DEPOT Clip'n'Ject® single-dose delivery system, see adjacent INSTRUCTIONS FOR CLIP'N'JECT® USE section.

The suspension should be discarded if not used immediately after reconstitution.

As with other drugs administered by intramuscular injection, the injection site should be altered periodically.

Dosage Adjustments: Patients with renal or hepatic impairment showed 2- to 4-fold higher exposure than young healthy males. The clinical consequences of this increase, as well as the potential need for dose adjustment, is unknown.