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Tev-Tropin Dosage

Medically reviewed by Last updated on March 22, 2021.

Generic name: SOMATROPIN 5mg in 5mL;
Dosage form: injection

A dosage of up to 0.1 mg/kg of body weight administered 3 times per week by subcutaneous injection is recommended.

TEV-TROPIN® 5 mg should be reconstituted with 1 to 5 mL of bacteriostatic 0.9% sodium chloride for injection, USP (benzyl alcohol preserved). Reconstituted TEV-TROPIN® 5 mg vials should not be used if the patient has a known sensitivity to benzyl alcohol. Benzyl alcohol as a preservative in bacteriostatic normal saline, USP, has been associated with toxicity in newborns. WHEN ADMINISTERING TEV-TROPIN® TO NEWBORNS, RECONSTITUTE WITH STERILE NORMAL SALINE FOR INJECTION, USP.

TEV-TROPIN® 10 mg should be reconstituted with 1 mL syringe of bacteriostatic water for injection containing 0.33% metacresol as a preservative. Reconstituted TEV-TROPIN® 10 mg vials should not be used if the patient is allergic to metacresol.

The stream of normal saline should be aimed against the side of the vial to prevent foaming. Swirl the vial with a GENTLE rotary motion until the contents are completely dissolved and the solution is clear. DO NOT SHAKE. Since TEV-TROPIN® is a protein, shaking or vigorous mixing will cause the solution to be cloudy. If the resulting solution is cloudy or contains particulate matter, the contents MUST NOT be injected.

Occasionally, after refrigeration, some cloudiness may occur. This is not unusual for proteins like TEV-TROPIN®. Allow the product to warm to room temperature. If cloudiness persists or particulate matter is noted, the contents MUST NOT be used.

Before and after injection, the septum of the vial should be wiped with rubbing alcohol or an alcoholic antiseptic solution to prevent contamination of the contents by repeated needle insertions.

TEV-TROPIN® 5 mg can be administered using a standard sterile disposable syringe or a Tjet Needle-Free injection device. However, TEV-TROPIN® 10 mg can only be administered using a standard sterile disposable syringe. For proper use, please refer to the User's Manual provided with the administration device.

Further information

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