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Propine Dosage

Generic name: dipivefrin hydrochloride
Dosage form: ophthalmic solution

Medically reviewed on June 29, 2018.

Initial Glaucoma Therapy. The usual dosage of PROPINE® is one drop in the eye(s) every 12 hours.

Replacement withPROPINE®ophthalmic solution. When patients are being transferred to PROPINE® from antiglaucoma agents other than epinephrine, on the first day continue the previous medication and add one drop of PROPINE® ophthalmic solution in each eye every 12 hours. On the following day, discontinue the previously used antiglaucoma agent and continue with PROPINE®.

In transferring patients from conventional epinephrine therapy to PROPINE® ophthalmic solution, simply discontinue the epinephrine medication and institute the PROPINE® regimen.

Addition ofPROPINE®ophthalmic solution. When patients on other antiglaucoma agents require additional therapy, add one drop of PROPINE® every 12 hours.

Concomitant Therapy. For difficult to control patients, the addition of PROPINE® ophthalmic solution to other agents such as pilocarpine, carbachol, echothiophate iodide or acetazolamide has been shown to be effective.

Note: Not for injection.

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