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Ontak Dosage

Generic name: DENILEUKIN DIFTITOX 150ug in 1mL
Dosage form: injection, solution
Drug class: Miscellaneous antineoplastics

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Jul 22, 2021.

Dosing Schedule and Administration

  • Premedicate with an antihistamine and acetaminophen prior to each Ontak infusion.
  • Administer at 9 or 18 mcg/kg/day by intravenous infusion over 30-60 minutes for 5 consecutive days every 21 days for 8 cycles.
  • Do not administer as a bolus injection.
  • Withhold administration of Ontak if serum albumin levels are less than 3.0 g/dL.
  • Discontinue for adverse infusion reactions.

Preparation and Administration

  • Thaw vials in the refrigerator at 2 to 8°C (36 to 46°F) for not more than 24 hours or at room temperature for 1 to 2 hours.
  • Bring Ontak to room temperature, before preparing the dose.
  • Mix the solution in the vial by gentle swirling; do not shake.
  • Visually inspect for particulate matter and discoloration prior to administration, whenever solution and container permit. Use only if the solution is clear, colorless and without visible particulate matter. After thawing, a haze may be visible which should clear when the solution is at room temperature.
  • Do not refreeze Ontak after thawing.
  • Prepare and hold diluted Ontak in plastic syringes or soft plastic IV bags. Do not use glass containers.
  • Maintain concentration of Ontak at 15 mcg/mL or higher.
  • during all steps in the preparation of the solution for IV infusion.
  • Withdraw the calculated dose from the vial(s) and inject it into an empty IV infusion bag. Do not add more than 9 mL of sterile saline without preservative to the IV bag for each 1 mL of Ontak.
  • Do not mix Ontak with other drugs.
  • Do not administer Ontak through an in-line filter.
  • Administer prepared solutions of Ontak within 6 hours, using a syringe pump or IV infusion bag.
  • Discard unused portions of Ontak immediately.

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