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Nutropin Depot Dosage

Generic name: somatropinrDNA-origin ]
Dosage form: for Injectable Suspension
Drug class: Growth hormones

Medically reviewed by Last updated on May 2, 2022.

The Nutropin Depot dosage and administration schedule should be individualized for each patient. Response to GH therapy in pediatric patients tends to decrease over time. However in pediatric patients, failure to increase growth rate, particularly during the first year of therapy, suggests the need for close assessment of compliance and evaluation of other causes of growth failure, such as hypothyroidism, undernutrition, and advanced bone age.

Once-Monthly Injection—It is recommended that an SC injection at a dosage of 1.5 mg/kg body weight be administered on the same day of each month. Dosages above the recommended once monthly regimen have not been studied in clinical trials. Note: subjects over 15 kg will require more than one injection per dose.

Twice-Monthly Injections—It is recommended that an SC injection at a dosage of 0.75 mg/kg body weight be administered twice each month on the same days of each month (e.g., Days 1 and 15 of each month). Dosages above the recommended twice‑monthly regimen have not been studied in clinical trials. Note: subjects over 30 kg will require more than one injection per dose.

The table below indicates the required number of injections per dose.

Number of Injections Per Dose
Patient Weight (kg) 0.75 mg/kg twice monthly 1.5 mg/kg once monthly
Twice‑monthly dosing recommended
≤15 1 1
>15–30 1 2
>30–45 2 3
>45–60 2 *
>60 3 *

Preparation of Dose

Nutropin Depot powder may only be suspended in Diluent for Nutropin Depot supplied in the kit and administered with the supplied needles.

  1. Using the chart below, determine the volume of diluent needed to suspend Nutropin Depot. Withdraw the diluent into a 3 cc syringe using the needle supplied in the kit. Only the diluent supplied in the kit should be used for reconstitution, and any remaining diluent should be discarded.
    Vial Size (mg somatropin) Volume of Diluent to Be Added (mL)
    Note: Since the suspension is viscous and prevents complete withdrawal of the entire vial contents, the vials are overfilled to ensure delivery of the labeled amount of somatropin. Using these diluent volumes for final suspension results in a final concentration of 19 mg/mL somatropin in each vial size.
    13.5 0.8
    18 1.0
    22.5 1.2
  2. Inject the diluent into the vial against the vial wall. Swirl the vial vigorously for up to 2 minutes to disperse the powder in the diluent. Mixing is complete when the suspension appears uniform, thick, and milky, and all the powder is fully dispersed. Do not store the vial after reconstitution or the suspension may settle.
  3. Withdraw the required dose. Only one vial should be used for each injection. Replace the needle with a new needle from the kit and administer the dose immediately to avoid settling of the suspension in the syringe. Deliver the dose from the syringe at a continuous rate over not more than 5 seconds. Discard unused vial contents as the product contains no preservative. An extra needle has been provided in the kit.

Stability and Storage

Before Suspension—Nutropin Depot and diluent vials must be stored at 2–8°C/36–46°F (under refrigeration). Avoid freezing the vials of Nutropin Depot and Diluent for Nutropin Depot. Do not expose the Nutropin Depot vial to temperatures above 25°C (77°F). Expiration dates are stated on the labels.

After Suspension—Because Nutropin Depot contains no preservatives, all injections must be given immediately. Do not allow the suspension to settle prior to withdrawal of the dose. Suspended solution cannot be stored or used to suspend another vial of Nutropin Depot.

Further information

Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances.