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Me-PB-Hyos Elixir Dosage

Generic name: PHENOBARBITAL 16.2mg in 5mL, HYOSCYAMINE SULFATE 0.1037mg in 5mL, ATROPINE SULFATE 0.0194mg in 5mL, SCOPOLAMINE HYDROBROMIDE 0.0065mg in 5mL
Dosage form: oral liquid

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Medically reviewed by Last updated on May 19, 2020.

The dosage of Me-PB-Hyos Elixir should be adjusted to the needs of the individual patient to assure symptomatic control with a minimum of adverse effects.

Adults: One or two teaspoonfuls of elixir three or four times a day according to conditions and severity of symptoms.

Pediatric patients: may be dosed every 4 to 6 hours.

Starting Dosage
Body weight q4h q6h
10 lb. (4.5 kg) 0.5 mL 0.75 mL
20 lb. (9.1 kg) 1.0 mL 1.5 mL
30 lb. (13.6 kg) 1.5 mL 2.0 mL
50 lb. (22.7 kg) 1/2 tsp 3/4 tsp
75 lb. (34 kg) 3/4 tsp 1 tsp
100 lb. (45.4 kg) 1 tsp 1 1/2 tsp

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