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Flo-Coat Dosage

Generic name: BARIUM SULFATE 1000mg in 1mL
Dosage form: rectal suspension
Drug class: Non-iodinated contrast media

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Aug 20, 2021.

Individual technique will determine the suspension quantity and barium sulfate content to be used. Because of the rapid flow characteristics of Flo-Coat, caution should be exercised not to overfill the colon.

Shake VIGOROUSLY for 30 seconds before using.

The following procedure is suggested for double contrast examination of a well prepared, adult colon. This procedure is intended as a guide only. The actual procedure will depend upon patient symptoms and conditions as well as physician preference and judgement.

An enema administration system with 1/2” ID tubing, such as Aircon, is used for ease of administration. At the physician’s discretion, fluoroscopy may be used during the introduction of the barium sulfate suspension to determine contraindications for continuing the examination.

Start with the patient either prone or in the left lateral position (physician preference). The examination should be performed by a trained physician or properly trained medical personnel. The enema tip is inserted and taped to the buttocks with one or two pieces of tape. Approximately 500 mL of the suspension (or enough to reach the splenic flexure) is introduced into the colon.

After introducing Flo-Coat to the splenic flexure, the clamp on the 1/2” tubing is shut. The patient is now turned left anterior oblique and air is introduced.

The patient is turned to the prone position, air is introduced and the patient is rotated onto the right side. Additional air is introduced to move the column of barium sulfate suspension to the hepatic flexure. The patient is turned onto their back and additional air is introduced. If Flo-Coat has not reached the cecum, the head of the table may be raised to 45°. Finally, the patient is turned onto their left side and additional air is introduced. Additional turning of the patient with the introduction of air may be required to achieve complete distention of the colon.

With the patient prone, the enema bag is placed on the floor and the 1/2” tubing clamp opened in order to drain the barium sulfate suspension from the rectum. Spot films of the rectosigmoid may now be obtained. Additional air may be insufflated to provide adequate distention of the colon.

Removal of the enema tip at this time is optional, according to the preference of the examiner. Rotate the patient slowly 360° taking spot films and overhead radiographs.

For single patient use only. Properly discard unused portion.

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