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Enduronyl Dosage

Medically reviewed by Last updated on May 2, 2022.

Generic name: methyclothiazide and deserpidine
Dosage form: Tablets

Dosage should be determined by individual titration of ingredients (see BOXED WARNING).

Dosage of both components should be carefully adjusted to the needs of the individual patient. Since at least 10 days to 2 weeks may elapse before the full effects of the drugs become manifest, the dosage of the drugs should not be adjusted more frequently.

Two tablet strengths, ENDURONYL (methyclothiazide 5 mg, deserpidine 0.25 mg) and ENDURONYL FORTE (methyclothiazide 5 mg, deserpidine 0.5 mg), each grooved, are provided to permit considerable latitude in meeting the dosage requirements of individual patients.

The following table will help in determining which dose of ENDURONYL or ENDURONYL FORTE tablets best represents the equivalent of the titrated dose.

Daily Dosage of ENDURONYL Methyclothiazide Deserpidine
½ tablet 2.5 mg 0.125 mg
1 tablet 5.0 mg 0.250 mg
1½ tablets 7.5 mg 0.375 mg
2 tablets 10.0 mg 0.500 mg
Daily Dosage of ENDURONYL FORTE Methyclothiazide Deserpidine
½ tablet 2.5 mg 0.250 mg
1 tablet 5.0 mg 0.500 mg
1½ tablets 7.5 mg 0.750 mg
2 tablets 10.0 mg 1.000 mg

The appropriate dose of ENDURONYL tablets is administered orally, once daily. The usual adult dosage is one lower-strength ENDURONYL tablet daily. Debilitated and elderly patients may require lower doses.

There is no contraindication to combining ENDURONYL tablets with other antihypertensive agents. When other antihypertensive agents are to be added to the regimen, this should be accomplished gradually. Ganglionic blocking agents should be given at only half the usual dose since their effect is potentiated by pretreatment with ENDURONYL tablets.

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