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CeeNU Dosage

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Nov 11, 2021.

Generic name: lomustine 100mg
Dosage form: capsule, gelatin coated

The recommended dose of CeeNU in adult and pediatric patients as a single agent in previously untreated patients is 130 mg/m2 as a single oral dose every 6 weeks (see PRECAUTIONS: Information for Patients and HOW SUPPLIED: Directions to the Pharmacist). In individuals with compromised bone marrow function, the dose should be reduced to 100 mg/m2 every 6 weeks. When CeeNU is used in combination with other myelosuppressive drugs, the doses should be adjusted accordingly. All doses of CeeNU must be rounded to the nearest 10 mg by the prescriber (see HOW SUPPLIED).

Doses subsequent to the initial dose should be adjusted according to the hematologic response of the patient to the preceding dose. The following schedule is suggested as a guide to dosage adjustment:

Nadir After Prior Dose Percentage of Prior Dose
to be Given
Leukocytes (/mm3) Platelets (/mm3)
≥4000 ≥100,000 100%
3000–3999 75,000–99,999 100%
2000–2999 25,000–74,999 70%
<2000 <25,000 50%

A repeat course of CeeNU should not be given until circulating blood elements have returned to acceptable levels (platelets above 100,000/mm3; leukocytes above 4000/mm3), and this is usually in 6 weeks. Adequate number of neutrophils should be present on a peripheral blood smear. Blood counts should be monitored weekly and repeat courses should not be given before 6 weeks because the hematologic toxicity is delayed and cumulative.

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