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Benzefoam Dosage

Medically reviewed by Last updated on May 24, 2021.

Generic name: BENZOYL PEROXIDE 5.3g in 100g
Dosage form: aerosol, foam

For Proper Dispensing of Foam, Shake Vigorously and Tap Bottom of Can Before Each Use. Prime Container Before Initial Use: Shake Vigorously. After shaking, gently tap bottom of can onto palm of other hand or a solid surface at least 3 times. Remove cap. Hold can upright over sink. Avoid contact with hair, fabrics or carpeting as benzoyl peroxide will cause bleaching or discoloration. Firmly depress the actuator for 1 to 3 seconds until tab breaks and foam begins to dispense. (If foam does not dispense within 3 seconds: repeat entire process and depress the actuator again until foam begins to dispense.)

Before Each Use: Shake vigorously and gently tap bottom of can onto palm of other hand or a solid surface at least 3 times.

During Use: Holding can upright, dispense BENZEFOAM Emollient Foam into palm of hand and apply to affected area once daily, or as directed by a physician. For facial acne, use a dollop the size of a marble. For acne on either the back or chest, use a dollop the size of a whole walnut. Rub in until completely absorbed. Wipe off any excess foam from actuator after use. Wash hands with soap and water after applying BENZEFOAM Emollient Foam.

Frequency of use should be adjusted to obtain the desired clinical response. Gentle cleansing of the affected areas prior to application of BENZEFOAM Emollient Foam may be beneficial.

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