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Medical Term:

ventrobasal complex


the large posterior part of the ventral nucleus of the thalamus receiving the somatic sensory lemnisci (medial lemniscus, spinothalamic tract, and trigeminal lemniscus) and the ascending gustatory (taste) lemniscus and projecting in turn by way of the internal capsule to the cortex of the postcentral gyrus. This complex of nuclei is somatotopically organized and subdivided into a ventral posterolateral nucleus [TA] (nucleus ventralis posterolateralis [TA]) representing the lower extremity, a ventral posterior intermediate nucleus representing the upper extremity, and a ventral posteromedial nucleus [TA] (nucleus ventralis posteromedialis [TA]) representing the face and an arcuate nucleus of thalamus receiving the gustatory lemniscus.

Synonym(s): nuclei ventrobasalesTA, ventrobasal nuclei (complex)TA, nucleus ventralis posterior thalami

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