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Medical Term:


Pronunciation: sis'tem


  1. A consistent and complex whole made up of correlated and semiindependent parts. A complex of functionally related anatomic structures.
  2. The entire organism seen as a complex organization of parts.
  3. Any complex of structures anatomically related (vascular system) or functionally related (digestive system).
  4. A scheme of medical theory.
  5. System followed by one or more letters denotes specific amino acid transporters; system N is a sodium-dependent transporter specific for amino acids such as l-glutamine, l-asparagine, and l-histidine; system y+ is a sodium-independent transporter of cationic amino acids.
  6. A group of people, agencies, institutions, and activities or protocols that together deliver parts of the overall health maintenance or intervention to mitigate injury or disease in the general public (systems of health care delivery).

Synonym(s): systemaTA

[G. systema, an organized whole]

See Also: apparatus, classification

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