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Medical Term:

superior pharyngeal constrictor (muscle)


uppermost component of the outer “circular” muscle layer of the pharynx; origin, medial pterygoid plate (pterygopharyngeal part [TA]), pterygomandibular raphe (buccopharyngeal part [TA]), mylohyoid line of mandible (mylopharyngeal part [TA]), and the mucous membrane of the floor of the mouth and the side of the tongue (glossopharyngeal part [TA]); insertion, pharyngeal raphe in the posterior wall of the pharynx; action, narrows pharynx; helps to seal nasopharynx off from oropharynx and contracts in a peristaltic manner during swallowing; nerve supply, pharyngeal plexus.

Synonym(s): musculus constrictor pharyngis superiorTA, musculus cephalopharyngeus

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