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Medical Term:

superior olivary nucleus


a circumscript cell group located ventrolaterally in the lower pontine tegmentum, immediately dorsal to the trapezoid body; the n. receives fibers from the ipsilateral and contralateral cochlear nuclei, and contributes fibers to the lateral lemniscus of each side. It is prominently involved in the function of spatial localization of sound. The n. (also called the superior olivary complex) consists of a lateral superior olivary nucleus [TA] (nucleus olivaris superior lateralis [TA]), medial superior olivary nucleus [TA] (nucleus olivaris superior medialis [TA]), and the periolivary nuclei [TA] (nuclei periolivares [TA]), which are usually divided into medial nuclei [TA] and lateral nuclei [TA] (nuclei mediales [TA] and nuclei laterales [TA]).

Synonym(s): nucleus olivaris superiorTA, superior olivary complex

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