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Medical Term:


Pronunciation: stran


  1. A population of homogeneous organisms possessing a set of defined characteristics; in bacteriology, the set of descendants that retains the characteristics of the ancestor; members of a strain that subsequently differ from the original isolate are regarded as belonging either to a substrain of the original strain, or to a new strain
  2. Specific host cell(s) designed or selected to optimize production of recombinant products.
  3. To make an effort to the limit of one's strength.
  4. To injure by overuse or improper use (usually refers to a muscle tear).
  5. An act of straining.
  6. Injury resulting from strain or overuse.
  7. The change in shape that a body undergoes when acted on by an external force.
  8. To filter; to percolate.

[A.S. streon, progeny]

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