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Medical Term:


Pronunciation: satch'u-ra'shun


  1. Impregnation of one substance by another to the greatest possible extent.
  2. Neutralization, as of an acid by an alkali.
  3. That concentration of a dissolved substance that cannot be exceeded.
  4. In optics, see saturated color.
  5. Filling of all available sites on an enzyme molecule by its substrate, or on a hemoglobin molecule by oxygen (symbol SO2) or carbon monoxide (symbol SCO).
  6. In MRI, a temporary state in which there is no net magnetization of the spins; can be induced with special radiofrequency pulses. Saturated tissues emit no signal when sampled; partially saturated tissues do, however, emit a weak signal.

[L. saturatio, fr. saturo, to fill, fr. satis, enough]

See Also: saturation pulse

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