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Medical Term:

podophyllum resin


a resin extracted from the dried roots and rhizomes of Podophyllum peltatum, a perennial herb common in moist, shady situations in the eastern parts of Canada and the U.S. The drug has been used by Native Americans and members of First Nations as a vermifuge and emetic. The chief constituents of the resin belong to the group of lignins; the most important ones present in podophyllum resin are podophyllotoxin (about 20%), ß-peltatin (about 10%), and a-peltatin (about 5%). All three occur both free and as glucosides. The resin was used as a purgative but has been replaced by milder agents. It is cytotoxic and used as a paint in the treatment of genital and other warts.

Synonym(s): May apple root, podophyllin, wild mandrake

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