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Medical Term:

plantar tarsal ligaments


ligaments connecting plantar aspects of the tarsal bones as a group; included in the group are the: long plantar ligament [TA] (ligamentum plantare longum [TA]), and the following plantar ligaments (ligamentum/a . . . plantare/ia): calcaneocuboid [TA] (calcaneocuboideum [TA]), calcaneonavicular [TA] (calcaneonaviculare [TA]), cuneonavicular [TA] (cuneonavicularia [TA]), cuboideonavicular [TA] (cuboideonaviculare [TA]), intercuneiform [TA] (intercuneiformia [TA]), and cuneocuboid [TA] (cuneocuboideum [TA]).

Synonym(s): ligamenta tarsi plantariaTA

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