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Medical Term:

parasympathetic part of autonomic (visceral motor) division of peripheral nervous system


the presynaptic (preganglionic) autonomic neurons having cell bodies located in the brain, associated with the motor nuclei of certain cranial nerves [CNs III, VII, IX, and X], or in the gray matter of spinal cord segments S2–S4, and the postsynaptic neurons with which the presynaptic fibers connect (synapse); in the head, there are four discrete parasympathetic ganglia: ciliary, pterygopalatine, otic, and submandibular/sublingual; in the trunk, the postsynaptic cells occur as isolated intrinsic ganglia.

See: autonomic (visceral motor) division of nervous system

Synonym(s): pars parasympathica divisionis automaticae systematis nervosi periphericiTA, bulbosacral system, craniosacral division of autonomic nervous system, craniosacral nervous system

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