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Pronunciation: nor'mal


  1. Typical; usual; according to the rule or standard.
  2. In bacteriology, nonimmune; untreated; denoting an animal, or the serum or substance contained therein, that has not been experimentally or naturally immunized against a microorganism or its products.
  3. Denoting a solution containing 1 eq of replaceable hydrogen or hydroxyl per liter; 1 mol/L HCl is 1 n, but 1 mol/L H2SO4 is 2 n.
  4. In psychiatry and psychology, denoting a developmentally appropriate level of effective functioning of personality, cognition, and affect that is satisfactory both to people and to their respective social milieu.
  5. Referring to a straight line (or plane) at a right angle to another line (or plane).
  6. Not diseased or having been subjected to an experimental procedure.
  7. A molecular entity having an unbranched carbon chain; usually symbolized by n.

[L. normalis, according to pattern]

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