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Medical Term:

inferior constrictor (muscle) of pharynx


lowest part of outer “circular” muscle layer of pharynx; origin, outer surfaces of thyroid (thyropharyngeal part [TA]) and cricoid (cricopharyngeal part [TA], musculus cricopharyngeus [TA]; superior or upper esophageal sphincter muscle) cartilages; insertion, pharyngeal raphe in the posterior portion of wall of pharynx; action, narrows lower part of pharynx in swallowing, the cricopharyngeal part has a sphincteric function for the esophagus, allowing some voluntary control of eructation and reflux; nerve supply, pharyngeal plexus (cranial root of accessory nerve via the vagus) and rami of the external and recurrent laryngeal nerves.

Synonym(s): musculus constrictor pharyngis inferiorTA, musculus thyropharyngeus, laryngopharyngeus, musculus laryngopharyngeus, superior esophageal sphincter

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