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factor V


Definition: in the clotting of blood, also known as: proaccelerin (Owren), labile or plasma labile factor (Quick), plasma accelerator globulin (Ware and Seegars), thrombogene (Nolf), prothrombokinase (Milstone), plasmin prothrombins conversion factor (Stefanini), component A of prothrombin (Quick), prothrombin accelerator (Fantl and Nance), cofactor of thromboplastin (Honorato), and accelerator factor. Factor V does not have enzymatic action itself but participates in the common pathway of coagulation by binding factor Xa to platelet surfaces. Deficiency of this factor leads to a rare hemorrhagic tendency known as parahemophilia or hypoproaccelerinemia, with autosomal recessive inheritance; those who are heterozygous are recognized by reduced levels of factor V but have no bleeding tendency.

Synonym(s): accelerator factor, labile factor, plasma accelerator globulin, plasma labile factor, plasmin prothrombin conversion factor, proaccelerin, prothrombokinase, thrombogene

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