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Medical Term:

ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid

Pronunciation: eth′il-ēn-dī′ă-mēn-tet′ă-sē′tik as′id

Definition: A chelating agent used to remove multivalent cations from solution as chelates, and used in biochemical research to remove Mg2+, Fe2+, among other elements, from reactions affected by such ions. As the sodium salt, used as a water softener, to stabilize drugs rapidly decomposed in the presence of traces of metal ions, and as an anticoagulant; as the sodium calcium salt, used to remove radium, lead, strontium, plutonium, and cadmium from hard tissue, forming stable un-ionized soluble compounds that are excreted by the kidneys.

Synonym(s): edathamil, edetic acid