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basal vein


Definition: a large vein originating from the confluence of veins from the orbital cortex (anterior cerebral veins [TA]) and the area of the insular cortex [deep middle cerebral vein [TA] (vena media profunda cerebri [TA]), insular veins [TA] (venae insulares [TA])], and passing caudally and dorsally along the medial surface of the temporal lobe, eventually emptying into the great cerebral vein. The basal vein receives tributaries from structures along its course; these include vein of olfactory gyrus [TA] (vena gyri olfactori [TA]), inferior thalamostriate veins [TA] (venae thalamostriatae inferiores [TA]), inferior ventricular vein [TA] (vena ventricularis inferior [TA]), inferior choroid vein [TA] (vena choroidea inferior [TA]), and peduncular veins [TA] (venae pedunculares [TA]).

Synonym(s): vena basalisTA, basal vein of Rosenthal, Rosenthal vein

See Also: common basal vein, inferior basal vein, superior basal vein

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