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anterior horn



  1. the frontal or anterior division of the lateral ventricle of the brain, extending forward from the Monro interventricular foramen;
  2. the anterior horn or anterior (ventral) gray column of the spinal cord as appearing in cross section. The anterior horn is composed of the spinal laminae VIII and IX [TA] of Rexed with portions of VII also extending into its geographical boundaries in lumbosacral and cervical levels. The nuclei of the anterior horn are the anterolateral nucleus [TA] or ventrolateral nucleus [TAalt] (nucleus anterolateralis [TA]), anterior nucleus [TA] (nucleus anterior [TA]), anteromedial nucleus [TA] or ventromedial nucleus [TAalt] (nucleus anteromedialis [TA]), posterolateral nucleus [TA] or dorsolateral nucleus [TAalt] (nucleus posterolateralis [TA]), retroposterior lateral nucleus [TA] or retrodorsal lateral nucleus [TAalt] (nucleus retroposterolateralis [TA]), posteromedial nucleus [TA] or dorsomedial nucleus [TAalt] (nucleus posteromedialis [TA]), central nucleus [TA] (nucleus centralis [TA]), and the accessory nucleus and phrenic nucleus (both found in cervical levels only).

See: lateral ventricle

Synonym(s): cornu anteriusTA, ventral horn

See Also: anterior column, gray columns, under column

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