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Medical Term:

1,4-a-d-glucan-branching enzyme

Pronunciation: glu'kan-branch'ing en'zim


an enzyme in muscle and in plants (Q enzyme) that hydrolyzes a-1,4 linkages in glycogen or starch, transferring the fragments into a-1,6 linkages, creating branches in the polysaccharide molecules; in plants, it converts amylose to amylopectin; this enzyme is deficient in people with glycogen storage disease type IV.

Synonym(s): a-glucan-branching glycosyltransferase, amylo-1,4:1,6-glucantransferase, amylo-(1,4?1,6)-transglucosidase, amylo-(1,4?1,6)-transglucosylase, branching enzyme

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