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Systemic Constellations Workshop with Luke Maddocks -London October 2017

Organized by Luke Maddocks

Start Date:
Saturday, 7 October, 2017
End Date:
Saturday, 7 October, 2017 6:00pm
Health & Nutrition

We all have areas in life we want to change. A systemic constellation offers you a way to find a profound resolution in your life, whether it is something you have wrestled with lifelong or something that has just arisen. The constellation process reveals what is tangled up in your life. It honours who you are and where you come from. A constellation maps out your place in the wider "system" and allows you to connect with other members of your family and culture in a new way.When you take your right place in life you get a truer sense of self and you can move forward in life with ease.Modern life and personal development promote the idea of people as individuals.

We seem to be overlooking the fact that deep down we are still part of a wider community. Under the surface, we have deep connections to our family and culture. No man is an island. Coming to a workshop will give you a deeply felt sense of this. Throughout the day you will be gently guided along, there is no need for you to be experienced at any of the exercises or techniques. There will also be ample time for sharing and feedback as well as tea breaks.

Workshop Format09:30 - Arrival and welcome10:00 - Introduction and guided meditation10:30 - Embodiment exercises and "mini-constellations"11:00 - Constellation process13:30 - Lunch14:30 - Welcome back and guided meditation15:00 - Constellation process17:30 - Closing and feedback18:00 - Workshop completion Some members of the group will get an invaluable opportunity to do a "full constellation" and everyone who comes will get something valuable from the day. This workshop is suitable for both those coming to constellations for the first time as well as those who have lots of experience with the process. Come on your own or with a partner or a friend, you do not need to physically bring your whole family with you. Make Contact - Speakers: Dr Luke Maddocks, judith lemmings, bert hellinger


Psychosynthesis Trust (London Bridge),
92-94 Tooley Street,
SE1 2TH,
United Kingdom

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Conference organized by Luke Maddocks

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