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The Roles And Responsibilities of a HIPAA Privacy & Security Officer 2017

Start Date:
Thursday, 19 January, 2017
End Date:
Thursday, 19 January, 2017 11:00am
Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Headache / Migraine, Health & Nutrition

Overview: Discussions, presentation, and webinars regarding HIPAA regulations are usually addressed from the perspective of what the regulations entail, the necessity of compliance with the regulations, and the consequences of willful neglect or non-compliance. This presentation addresses HIPAA regulations from a different perspective - from a personal perspective - from the perspective of the person in charge of moving an organization or facility toward full compliance with HIPAA.

The by-product of this presentation will be both an understanding of, and a detailed job description for, a position mandated in the regulations - the HIPAA Security/Privacy Officer.Why should you attend: The HIPAA regulations are numerous, complicated, often vague, and affect every person working in a healthcare facility. Compliance with HIPAA will require a unique individual to lead the charge - an individual whose education, background, experience, and demonstrated skill sets offer the opportunity for that person to succeed in achieving the goals of that position.

This is a new position to most healthcare facilities. So understanding who this person should be, what is required of the person with this job title, and with whom this person will interface is vital to every healthcare organization with the goal of achieving full compliance with HIPAA.Areas Covered in the Session: Position goals Position requirements (education, experience, skill sets, etc.) Position responsibilities Stay abreast of regulations Initiate compliance with HIPAA (according to regulations) Ensure continuous progress toward full compliance Develop appropriate security/privacy policies & procedures Oversee and deliver appropriate training programs to all employees Track compliance with HIPAA regulations at the facility & individual levels Track access to PHI Investigate and resolve HIPAA violations Apply sanctions to HIPAA violators Manage any information security personnel Prepare a department budget Hold Business Associates accountable for their own compliance with HIPAA and the list goes onWho Will Benefit: Someone interested in becoming a HIPAA Security/Privacy Officer Someone who will make the decision for Hiring a Person for this Position Practice/Hospital Administrators MDs and Healthcare Professionals IT Professionals Facility Managers Business Associates of Healthcare Facilities Attorneys Any person who deals directly or indirectly with PHISpeaker Profile:Howard Jones has been an independent consultant to physicians and hospitals since 1980.

He has provided services related to practice management and regulatory compliance issues, selection of billing/EMR systems, and the design of EMR templates for practices and EMR vendors. He has focused on providing services related to healthcare regulations since 1992.He is the author of a 1992 manual called the Physicians' Medicare Coding/Documentation Guide. This publication served as the handout for a training seminar he developed to assist physicians in learning how to be compliant with the new E&M coding and documentation guidelines introduced in 1992.He is currently the President of Compliance Checkup LLC, a business that has develop a new and "disruptive" technology - a Cloud-based Regulatory Education, Testing, & Compliance Tracking System available to any healthcare provider or facility in the world.


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