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Healthcare Frontline Food Safety Education, Training & Tools

Start Date:
Thursday, 21 September, 2017
End Date:
Thursday, 21 September, 2017 11:30am
Health & Nutrition

Overview: Our focus will be on developing documentation to deploy your organizations, departments vision, mission, messaging; shaping your training, corrective action of staff and individual's food handler's behaviors. Food and Nutrition staff, and individuals, volunteers fill various positions on your organizations food service frontline and are in need of the information to knowingly reduce the risk of foodborne outbreaks.

The webinar will also offer effective risk management strategies, deploying actual compliance to appropriate competencies and skills sets (training). Tools to capture, convey appropriate competencies and skills sets (training), as well as serving as the effective means of Appling, correcting poor food handling behaviors, with actual training programs, methods and tools.Why should you Attend:Administrators 483.60 Food & Nutrition Services Standard, specific to F361 -Staffing.

The facility must employ sufficient staff with the appropriate competencies and skills setNew Dietary Managers, who want a better understanding deploying 483.60 Food & Nutrition Services Standard processesHealthcare Food Service OperatorsAllied Health Organizations (Who Team Up for Successful Food Safety)Hospital (self-operation or sometimes called "self-op") that must comply to Hospital A-0620 Food and Dietetic ServicesHHA, CMS 3819-F Modernization, Continuous Quality ImprovementsAssistant Living Homes, Organizations (interested in improving, performing CMS Quality Indicator Process, and desire heighten awareness of food safety for seniorsAccountable Care Organization Investment Model (AIM) seeking to control or reduce cost of outbreaksAreas Covered in the Session: The goal of this Webinar is to share tools, tips and resources to promote a cohesive food service, safety plan :Slides Presentation for Training Manager to Implementing Staff Training, Tools within department, and across facilityOnline sourcesActual Training Program, Forms(actual inspector notes/inspection)Tools-To-Used in Dining (Food) Service Audit/Survey Process "Readiness" to document, corrective actions, Performance improvement Action Plans, Healthcare Food SettingCompetency Validation & Evaluation PolicyCompetency Validation & Evaluation Tool/FormDining Observations CompetencyConsumer "Customer Service" CompetencySelected Sanitation/Infection Control CompetencyCook/Kitchen Observation Written Questions TestClear Messaging / Communication / Training for EventsCommunicate to Administration, mangers, all employees, members of your community the values, reason why the organization existsDeploying Dining Programs, messaging and expressing the organizations valuesFrontline Staff, partnering to improve Quality of Service, Reducing the Risk!Importance of Your Teams & Partners Buy-In, to Reduce & Understanding RiskWho Will Benefit:Hospital, Long Term Care Administrators, Directors who want to develop customized training programs, better delivery of content to Frontline Staff, Axillary Departments with a focus on building a Culture of Food Safety, Food Safety PlanningDirectors, Managers, Chefs, Cooks and Supervisors who support healthcare food operationsAxillary Departments, Staff Activities, Nursing Departments Managers, Supervisors.Other departments that indirectly serve food and beverage who need to know service standards, regulations but want a better, more comprehensive understands of how to put in place food service, food safety plans, to better offer education, training of staff, volunteersDay Cares, Schools, Other smaller facilities whose staff struggle with inspections, that may need additional, ongoing educationAnyone desiring to have a better understanding of improving Sanitation, Food Safety Plans in Healthcare settingAssistant Living Director's, Food Service ManagersChef's, Cooks, Supervisors who want to improve ability to better write food safety plansSpeaker Profile Larry David Bowe is a Principle Consultant- Food Safety Certified Instructor with 36 plus years of experience in Hospitality, Food Safety Management, fostering positive growth and promoting opportunities for commercial as well as progressive healthcare organizations.

Larry believes in Promoting Global Food Safety as the Catalysis for organizational growth, and responsible food safety and sanitation practices as the framework that creates a culture of food safety. Larry has employed over 36 years of Food Safety Management, 18 years in Healthcare, specific to keeping seniors and those that are most vulnerable to food safety risk. Larry is the founder, and principle consultant of Food Safety Navigator, authoring topics on 'Establishing a Culture of Food Safety, 'Building a Frontline Defense' as well as offering tools that deliver 'Just in Time Solutions' to include over 450 PDF topics on food handing, safety and prevention.

Food Safety Navigator goal is to offer online, downloadable content to assist industry stakeholder's tools to 'close knowledge gaps' as well as 'correct poor performance and behavior' of front-line staff.Price - $139Contact Info:Netzealous -MentorHealthPhone No: 1-800-385-1607Fax: 302-288-6884 Email: support@mentorhealth.comWebsite: Sponsorship Opportunity:


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This lesson will be addressing how law firms who work with protected health information need to get their HIPAA house in order as HIPAA is now fully enforced and the government is not using kid gloves any more

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