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Get Ready For Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics 2016

Start Date:
Tuesday, 13 September, 2016
End Date:
Tuesday, 13 September, 2016 11:00am
Pain Management, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine

Overview: Many infectious diseases were historically confined to specific geographical regions. However, some now pose global threats due to ease of travel, globalization of trade and commerce and global warming. Government Agencies, non-Profit Organizations, Philanthropic groups and others are also funding vaccination programs for regions where infectious diseases are endemic and to deal with new outbreaks.. Such developments are stimulating research in and the development of improved vaccines, their manufacture and control.

Supply Chain complexities and stability issues need to be addressed to cope with transport of vaccines to and their use in climatically hostile regions. Programs to address such challenges need to be implemented, being resourced by appropriately trained and qualified staff from a number of disciplines. Development programs for immuno oncology products also require staffing by similarly skilled professionals. Workers currently engaged in Discovery, Development and Manufacture of conventional medications, or those seeking career-change opportunities can develop an understanding of the concepts, constraints and opportunities associated with Vaccine products by attendance at the Webinar.

Engineering professionals involved in facility construction, or repurposing can also benefit as can Regulatory Affairs Professionals or staff at medicines Evaluation Agencies. The subject matter is particularly suited to professionals who are expert in the various disciplines associated with conventional medications ("so-called "small molecules") who wish to expand and develop their skills by involvement in vaccine-related programs including immuno-oncology.

Areas Covered in the Session: History of and development of vaccine concepts.undamentals of vaccinationVaccine TypesAdministration of VaccinesFuture ConceptsImmuno-OncologyVaccine Manufacture Who Will Benefit: Regulatory Affair ManagersProject Management PersonnelQA ManagersScientistsTechnologistsQuality Control ManagersTraining Officers Speaker Profile : Patrick Crowley Professor Crowley played significant technical and management roles in the development to commercialisation of over 20 novel medicinal products and Product Line Extensions during a 38-year career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Active ingredients in these medications included novel chemical entities, fermentation products, semi synthetics and two biopharmaceuticals. Products covered a full range of types (parenteral, oral, topical etc). He is the named Inventor of a number of Patents related to dosage form design and drug delivery. Since retiring from GlaxoSmithKline in 2008 as a Vice President in Pharmaceutical Development he has operated as a Consultant for various multinational, mid-size and startup healthcare organizations in "trouble-shooting technical problems", product registrations (filings), dosage form development and patent litigation.

He is a Visiting Professor at The School of Pharmacy, Kings College, University of London, teaching classes to Masters students on Biopharmaceuticals and Vaccines. He is also currently working on a Team (based at King's College) developing an online teaching module for Biopharmaceuticals for Colleges throughout the European Union (PHAR-IN program), assembling the module for biopharmaceutical dosage form design, and manufacture. He is the author or co-author of several publications on various facets of pharmaceutical development. Price : $139.00 Contact Info: MentorHealthPhone No: 1-800-385-1607FaX: 302-288-6884 support@mentorhealth.comEvent Link: LinkedIn Follow us Twitter Follow usFacebook Like us


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