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Festival of Genomics San Diego

Start Date:
Monday, 26 June, 2017
End Date:
Tuesday, 27 June, 2017 5:30pm
Health & Nutrition

The Festival of Genomics San Diego will bring together the genomics community with the collaborative goal to drive the benefits of genomics to patients, faster. The Festival will provide the big picture of what is going on within the industry. If you're using genomics to drive forward RandD, drug development or the diagnosis and treatment of disease then this Festival is the place to get inspired and informed. We aim to create a memorable and enjoyable experience to connect with new, and old, colleagues.

Across two days, join over 1000 people, from academia, healthcare, pharma, technology providers and patient groups as we come together to celebrate and explore the advances taking place in genomics. Hear insightful presentations including keynote sessions, covering 4 core themes at this year's show: research and development, precision therapies, personalizing medicine and enabling data. Take advantage of our buzzing exhibition floor and newly added features for 2017 including: Silent Seminar Technology, Lunch and Learn Area, Launch Pads introducing some exciting innovations that are emerging and so much more.

Speakers: Adam Pavlicek, Amalio Telenti, Amir Zarrinpar, Amy Heidersbach, Anshul Kundaje, Bonnie Rochman, Brian Granger, Brian O'Connor, Carrie Costantini, Chris Dupont, Chris Lippert, David Craig, David Dimmock, David Nelles, David Pride, David Shaywitz, David Spetzler, David Wellis, Elizabeth Brunk, Enrique Velazquez, Eric Lai, Felix Frueh, Francesca Milletti, Fyodor Urnov, Graham McVicker, Gregory Botta, Isan Chen, James Christensen, Jamie Dananberg, Jennifer Friedman, Jennifer Hall, Jill Mesirov, Joann Wu, Joanna Masters, John Lamb, Josiah Zayner, Julie McMurry, Jung Doh, Karen Keeley, Kathleen Blazer, Kevin Osborn, Laura Parham, Lily Servais, Lisa Mullen Salz, Magdalena Skipper, Mark DePristo, Michelle Brazas, Natalie LaFranzo, Nicholas Schork, Nicole Russell, Pamela Paris, Prashant Mali, Ranjan Batra, Rhonda Rhyne, Roger Lasken, Roselyn Lemus, Sabine Schefzick, Sara Linker, Sarah Highlander, Sharmeela Kaushal, Shivani Nazareth, Steve Wowk, Susie Stephens, Taha Kass-Hout, Vivek Bhalla, Zhengyan George Kan


San Diego Convention Center,
111 W. Harbor Drive,
San Diego,
United States

Organizer Details

Conference organized by Front Line Genomics


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