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The False Self: The Complexity of Body Image and Identity Issues in the Treatment of Eating Disorder

Start Date:
Friday, 13 October, 2017
End Date:
Friday, 13 October, 2017 4:00pm

Body image is perhaps the least understood and most complex of the core issues associated with eating disorder treatment. As an integral part of the life cycle, body image development shifts and adapts as we age and engage in life experiences. It is ironic that although our clients are focused on and obsessed with their bodies, they remain virtually disconnected from the experience of living in their bodies.This seminar will address the intricate interplay between brain, body and beliefs (why we believe what we believe).

Repetition of messages and experiences become internalized and influence, not only self-perception and self-talk, but the body itself. Negative reinforcement often becomes imprinted in the client's bodymind, feels "true" and serves as the client's identity.Attendees will learn body-focused, bottom-up strategies designed to help clients reclaim their authentic self. Lecture, demonstration/experiential exercises and video clips will be utilized and attendees will be provided with a resource packet.


InterContinental Hotel and Conference Center 9801 Carnegie Avenue Cleveland,

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Conference organized by The Renfrew Center Foundation

475 Spring Lane, Philadelphia, PA, 19128

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