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Disrupting Cancer: The Role of Personalized Nutrition

Start Date:
Wednesday, 8 November, 2017
End Date:
Friday, 10 November, 2017 4:30pm
Internal Medicine

Explore the shifting landscape of cancer care at the American College of Nutrition's 58th annual conference in Alexandria, Virginia.The medical science is evident: cancer is not purely genetic. It is not a binary nor a random disease. Instead, cancers are complex chronic conditions that occur across a spectrum of dysfunction with many factors impacting risk, onset and severity. In fact, 90-95% of cancers may be attributable to lifestyle and environmental inputs.

The personalized nutrition paradigm is a powerful disruptor of both the narrative and pathology of cancer.Discover how systems biology, metabolism, epigenetics, nutrigenomics, the microbiome and environmental inputs interact to unravel the trajectory and heterogeneity of cancer. Learn from thought leaders, innovators and clinicians to deepen your understanding of how personalized nutrition impacts cancer prevention and treatment.


400 Courthouse Square Alexandria,
Virginia 22314

Organizer Details

Conference organized by American College of Nutrition

The American College of Nutrition (ACN), established in 1959, is on a mission to advance nutrition science to prevent and treat disease. We stimulate nutrition research and publication, elevate nutrition knowledge among clinicians and researchers, and provide practical guidance on clinical nutrition.

300 S Duncan Ave Ste 225, Clearwater, FL, 33755

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