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5th World Congress on Women's Mental Health

Start Date:
Monday, 4 March, 2013
End Date:
Thursday, 7 March, 2013 5:00pm
Psychiatry, Gynecology, Obstetrics

Building on the success of the four previous congresses held in Berlin (2001), Washington (2004), Melbourne (2008) and Madrid (2011), this multidisciplinary Congress attracts health professionals, researchers, policy makers, academics, consumers, and caregivers from across the globe. Almost 850 men and women from 68 countries from all continents except Antarctica were represented at the last Congress in Madrid.The Congress innovative program focuses on the psychosocial, biological and clinical aspects of womens mental health from individual, family, community, society and global perspectives.

Through keynote addresses, symposia/workshops and posters, the program will explore the psychosocial, economic and cultural contexts of womens mental health as well as basic science aspects such as brain differences, hormonal or genetic influences. Clinicians and researchers of many disciplines will contribute their knowledge on best practices and innovative developments to improve womens mental health across the lifespan.Social issues such as womens social roles, their upbringing and education, their relationships privately as well as at work and their careers, the discrimination, violence and abuse they often suffer from, as well as womens life cycle including childhood, adolescence, peripartum, menopause and aging vital topics to understanding womens mental health will be examined from interdisciplinary and multicultural perspectives.


Westin Lima,

Organizer Details

Conference organized by International Association for Women's Mental Health

Established in 2001 to improve the mental health of women throughout the world, the International Association for Women's Mental Health is a Not for Profit, Non-Governmental Organization.The mission of the International Association for Women's Mental Health is:To improve the mental health of women throughout the world.To expand the fund of knowledge about Women's Mental Health.To promote gender-sensitive and autonomy-enhancing mental health services for women.To advance collaboration between Societies and Sections.

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