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5th Risk Evaluation Mitigation Strategies Summit

Start Date:
Thursday, 24 January, 2013
End Date:
Friday, 25 January, 2013 5:00pm
General Surgery

The 5th Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies Summit brings together executives from the industry to prepare for the changing landscape of REMS. As the 5th year anniversary of the FDAA Act of 2007, which mandated the implementation of REMS, arrives and brings forth new challenges, stay ahead of the curve and learn cutting-edge strategies and innovative techniques to ensure that your drugs are staying compliant while ensuring accessibility and success in the market.

By attending this year's event, you will benefit from one of the only conferences focused specifically on REMS and the strategies on how to design and implement a thorough risk management program that meets FDA regulations. Hear from experienced professionals the best practices to create a successful REMS assessment and streamline your clinical, safety, regulatory, and commercial sectors to ensure financial viability and safety within the marketplace.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend The 5th Annual REMS Summit is the only conference focused specifically on REMS strategies to navigate regulatory uncertainty. Identify and learn how PDUFA V impacts meaningful use and REMS. Develop the best techniques to design, build, and implement a REMS program that assists with commercial implications as well. Discuss and analyze current REMS challenges: in each case situation - what do you do differently to modify a REMS to make it more effective? How did you modernize your REMS from the original model? Leverage existing commercial activity within your REMS workflow.


801 North Glebe Road Arlington,

Organizer Details

Conference organized by Exl Pharma

ExL Pharma, a division of ExL Events, Inc., is the industry leader in developing innovative, educational conferences that serve the pharmaceutical and allied healthcare communities in the United States, Europe, Latin America and various markets. Behind our diverse pharmaceutical event portfolio, ExL's experienced team conducts extensive market research and targeted outreach. The results translate into innovative, high-quality events designed to exceed the dynamic informational and networking needs of specific audiences and working groups. ExL Pharma conference platforms facilitate the exchange of critical information between industry executives and suppliers who support their scientific and commercial goals. Our events are the preferred resource for industry professionals seeking important information and networking opportunities with a clear delineation between content and commercialism. Our mission is to bring the pharmaceutical and its allied industries together to discuss and strategize on key issues and challenges impacting their organizations resulting in the implementation of new ideas, strategies, tactics and key learnings that facilitate the pursuit of their mission to develop life-saving, or life-enhancing, products and therapies that serve the needs of patients. Our primary market sectors include: Pharmaceuticals Biopharmaceuticals Biotechnology Contract Research Organizations Medical Devices Academic Research Institutions We look forward to serving your informational and networking needs at a future ExL Pharma industry event!

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