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2016 Webinar by Compliance4all on Go Beyond ISO 9001:2015's Requirements

Start Date:
Monday, 5 December, 2016
End Date:
Monday, 5 December, 2016 11:00am
Health & Nutrition

Overview: ISO 9001:2015 requires "actions to address risks and opportunities" with regard to "context of the organization" and "needs and expectations of interested parties." These actions are necessary but not always sufficient to achieve organizational success or even survival because many risks and opportunities are outside the standard's explicit scope. Why should you Attend: ISO 9001:2015 Clause 6.1 requires "actions to address risks and opportunities" with regard to the "context of the organization" and "needs and expectations of interested parties." The standard also cites the SIPOC (Supplier, Input, Process, Output, and Customer) model, but the scope of "actions to address risks and opportunities" is still not sufficiently wide to cover many existential risks and opportunities.

Areas Covered in the Session:Know that ISO 9001 originated to address deficiencies in complex manufacturing and service systems rather than individual activities.Know that the scope of risk includes (a) internal risks such as poor quality and also friction, waste, or muda, (b) supply chain risks, and (c) external risks such as technological change and new distribution channels.Understand the basic concept of risk, and also the concept of friction.

Who Will Benefit:Manufacturing and service companies in transition to ISO 9001:2015Lean manufacturing professionalsexecutives, and business risk professionals Speaker Profile:William Levinson is the principal of Levinson Productivity Systems, P.C. He is an ASQ Fellow, Certified Quality Engineer, Quality Auditor, Quality Manager, Reliability Engineer, and Six Sigma Black Belt. He holds degrees in chemistry and chemical engineering from Penn State and Cornell Universities, and night school degrees in business administration and applied statistics from Union College, and he has given presentations at the ASQ World Conference, TOC World 2004, and other national conferences on productivity and quality.

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Conference organized by Compliance4ALL

Compliance4All is a professional trainings provider for the regulated industries. It offers professional trainings for regulatory compliance professionals and offers innovative strategic consulting and advice to a broad range of organizations. These services help them to be compliant with regulatory requirements. .Compliance4All has a panel of acclaimed Experts whose professional trainings help regulatory professionals and organizations in a number of ways and take them to their goal of meeting regulatory requirements. Compliance4All offers path breaking professional training solutions to organizations that help them address pain areas and overcome the challenges and difficulties associated with meeting regulatory requirements.

161 Mission Falls Lane, Suite 216

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