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17th Annual Vermont Perspectives in Anesthesia

Start Date:
Wednesday, 7 March, 2012
End Date:
Sunday, 11 March, 2012 10:00am
Pain Management, Anesthesiology, Critical Care

COURSE DESCRIPTIONThis conference will provide anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists and othersin the field of anesthesia with a practical review of a variety of topics andtimely informative clinical updates. Participants will be able to identify and discussrecent developments and trends through comprehensive didactic sessionsand to develop hands-on skills in specialized workshops. Facultyinclude recognized experts in their fields, both on a national level and fromthe University of Vermont.

The atmosphere will be friendly and informal andthere will be ample time to discuss the current issues in anesthesia withfaculty and colleagues.NEW!PRE-CONFERENCE VASCULAR ACCESS SIMULATION WORKSHOPThis 4-hour simulation based course will utilize evidence-based best practicesin central line placement and facilitate hands-on experience in a simulationlaboratory. The learner will use sterile gowning and gloving techniques; createand maintain sterile fields; learn the basic use of ultrasound guided centralvenous access placement; and simulate central line insertion on task trainer.Completion of the course should result in improved patient safety, increasedknowledge with regard to reducing infection and increased confidence inplacing central lines using ultrasound guidance.

The workshop is designed foranesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists and residents who are interested inimproving their skills with central line placement.Register separately for the Vascular Access Workshop on the conferenceregistration form. The cost is $350 per participant. Enrollment is limited to12 clinicians. This workshop will be held in Burlington in the UVMSimulation Laboratory.


Mountain Road,

Organizer Details

Conference organized by University of Vermont College of Medicine

128 Lakeside Avenue, Suite 100, Burlington, VT, 05401
(802) 656-2292

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