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14th International Regional STRESS AND BEHAVIOR Neuroscience and Biopsychiatry Conference (North Ame

Start Date:
Friday, 22 June, 2018
End Date:
Saturday, 23 June, 2018 5:00pm
Neurology, Immunology, Pain Management, Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine, Sports Medicine, Headache / Migraine, Health & Nutrition

An annual international event gathering scientists and psychiatrists from around the world to share an interest in stress-evoked brain disorders in both humans and animals.Topics: stress, fear; anxiety, depression neurogenetics of stressneuromediators and transporters neurosteroids in the CNS neurochemistry and neurophysiology of stress neuropsychopharmacology and neuroendocrinology experimental models of behavior stress, memory and learning psychophysiology and neuropsychology psychoneuroimmunology general psychiatry neuroethology and human ethology other brain/behavioral disorders gene x environment interactionstranslational research in biological psychiatrybiomarkers of stressKey words: neuroscience, stress, behavior, psychiatry, biopsychiatry, pharmacology, genetics, anxiety, mental health, neurology, pathologyOrganized by: International STRESS AND BEHAVIOR Society (ISBS)Attendees: psychiatrists, psychologists, pharmacologists, neurologists, basic researchers, clinicians Conference language: English


Holiday Inn Miami Beach-Oceanfront,
4333 Collins Ave,
Miami Beach,

Organizer Details

Conference organized by International STRESS AND BEHAVIOR Society (ISBS)

International STRESS AND BEHAVIOR Society (ISBS) is the international society of experts working with a wide range of topics in the field of translational neuroscience, neurobehavioral sciences, biopsychology and biopsychiatry, with a particular focus on stress, stress-related neurobehavioral phenotypes, their neural, molecular and genetic mechanisms, as well as stress-evoked neuropsychiatric disorders.

New Orleans, LA, USA
+1 240 899 9571

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