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13th Public Relations and Communications Summit

Start Date:
Tuesday, 18 July, 2017
End Date:
Wednesday, 19 July, 2017 5:00pm
Health & Nutrition

According to recent reports, only nine percent of consumers in the U.S. think pharmaceutical and biotech companies put patient well-being ahead of profits. Unfortunately, it's not difficult to understand why - every day seems to bring a new story that presents life science companies in a negative light. The healthcare industry is also receiving more attention than ever before on the Hill, with both parties in agreement that something has to change.

Although life science organizations are curing or better managing more medical conditions than ever before and providing even greater value, it's hard to communicate these advances in a sincere way that doesn't come off as being defensive. The 13th annual Public Relations and Communications Summit is designed to help you address negative (and sometimes inaccurate) perceptions head on, and build upon your company's reputation by clearly and openly communicating the value you provide.

Now more than ever, it's important that the press and public understand what the industry does and the good it provides. Join us for two days of hands on learning and unparalleled networking opportunities, all taking place at Celgene's campus in Summit, NJ. Price:Conference - Pharma/Biotech/Medical Technology - Early Bird Pricing - Register by June 9, 2017: USD 1695Conference - Agencies/Solution Providers: USD 1895Conference + Dinner - Pharma/Biotech/Medical Technology1: USD 1845Conference + Dinner - Agencies/Solution Providers2: USD 2045Conference - Pharma/Biotech/Medical Technology: USD 1895Conference - Agencies/Solution Providers: USD 2095Conference + Dinner - Pharma/Biotech/Medical Technology3: USD 2045Conference + Dinner - Agencies/Solution Providers4: USD 2245 Speakers: Lucy Abreu, Robert Allen, Mark J.

Alles, Sarah Alspach, Mark Baldry, Suzanne Barston, João Nuno Belo, Christian Clymer, Ron Cohen, M.D., Valerie Delva, Anthony Farina, Mary Halliwell, Kasia Hein-Peters, Lance Hill, Stefani Klaskow, Wendy Lund, Debra Mayo, PharmD, MHA, Lauren McCurdy, Evan Miller, Ambre Morley, Agatha Newman, Rebekah Pajak, Joshua Palau, Chad Parizman, Sara Pellegrino, Jamie Ring, Tierney Saccavino, Jennifer Saputo, Buddy Scalera, Madeleina Shin, Karen Tilstra, PhD, Gloria Vanderham, Julissa Viana, Lisa Wolfe


Celgene's Campus,
556 Morris Avenue,
United States

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Conference organized by EXL Events

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