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Medical Conferences & Events is proud to introduce the most comprehensive directory of medical conferences. As a healthcare professional, you can find detailed information for both current and upcoming events related to your field of expertise. Direct links to the organizer's website make it quick and easy to access additional information on how to attend or register for a specific event.

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Current Events

Nov 1

International Conference On Science Technology And Management Date: Wednesday, 1 November - Thursday, 1 November
Location: Argentina
Speciality: Health & Nutrition
Organizer: Conferencenext

May 14

5th World Congress on Advanced Clinical Trails and Clinical Research Date: Monday, 14 May - Sunday, 15 May
Location: Singapore
Speciality: Pulmonary Medicine, Physical Medicine, Sports Medicine
Organizer: Casper

Jul 15

Success With Failure: Strategies for the Evaluation and Treatment of Heart Date: Sunday, 15 July - Tuesday, 17 July
Location: USA
Speciality: Cardiology, Health & Nutrition
Organizer: Mayo Clinic

Jul 16

Focus on Women's Health CME Conference Date: Monday, 16 July - Thursday, 19 July
Location: South Carolina
Speciality: Internal Medicine, Gynecology, Family Practice, Obstetrics
Organizer: Kendra Blackmon

Jul 16

Medical CBT for Depression: Ten-Minute Techniques for Real Doctors (Banff, 2018) Date: Monday, 16 July - Wednesday, 18 July
Location: The Rimrock Resort Hotel 300 Mountain Avenue Banff, Alberta T1L 1J2 Canada
Speciality: Family Practice
Organizer: CBT Canada

Jul 16

19th International Conference on Cataract and Refractive Surgery Date: Monday, 16 July - Tuesday, 17 July
Location: USA
Speciality: Ophthalmology
Organizer: Allied Academies

Jul 16

Emergency Nursing 2018 Date: Monday, 16 July - Tuesday, 17 July
Location: Kemp House, 152 City Road, London EC1V 2NX
Speciality: Allergy
Organizer: Conferencesseries

Recent Events

Jul 6

International Congress on Naturopathic Medicine 6 - 8 July Millennium Gloucester Hotel London, 4-18 Harrington Gardens, London, England, United Kingdom, SW7 4LH
Listed in: Physical Medicine, Health & Nutrition

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