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User Reviews for Tadalafil to treat Erectile Dysfunction (Page 8)

Also known as: Cialis, Adcirca, Alyq

The following information is NOT intended to endorse drugs or recommend therapy. While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, skill, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners in patient care.

Tadalafil Rating Summary

User Ratings
8.6/10 Average Rating
453 Ratings with 450 User Reviews

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Reviews for Tadalafil

Rob9999999999 January 18, 2016

Cialis (tadalafil): "Love it! Was prescribed 4x20mg to assist my member who had become noticeably disinterested in sex. Doctor suggested I initially take a half a tablet to monitor its affects. I've tried Levitra before but it caused serious facial flushing, stuffy nose, nausea and a feeling of unwellness for a couple of days. The first day on which I tried a half a 20mg Cialis tablet very little happened. The most important thing to me was that it didn't make me feel unwell. The following morning I woke with a rock hard erection. I took the second half of the tablet later in the day and that night had a full hour of sex with my wife. In the end she was begging me to ejaculate as she was getting sore. It was a case of zero to hero! :)))"

JoeFromTheMountain January 15, 2016

Cialis (tadalafil): "I am 52 and started to have erection problems. I would loose my erection before we could finish. I took 10 mg a few hours before sex and let me just say that I was very hard for my wife. We had sex 3 times last night and she and I were so happy with the results. I feel like I'm 20 again. I look forward to pleasing my wife over and over. Refractory was a quick turn as well."

Vaidya · Taken for less than 1 month January 9, 2016

Cialis (tadalafil): "Wonderful. Took 20 mg for the first time and erection was hard rock. Though I was low on food and alcohol during this time. It really works for me though, I have been diabetic for the last 14 years and am 49 yr old"

Vaidya January 8, 2016

Cialis (tadalafil): "Simply wonderful. I took 20 mg for the first time and mine was rock hard in 1 hour. With two ejaculations and complete satisfaction. A light touch of my girl friend body would make it rock hard in few minutes and lasts long time til u or she gets tired . It really works far far better than Viagrais. Which lasts on for 4 hours"

Daniel 83 · Taken for less than 1 month January 3, 2016

Cialis (tadalafil): "32 year old, realised I had ED about an year ago, being fast and with erections less than 100%. 4th day on Cialis 5mg daily dose and all that I can say is Wow! Rock hard erections, long lasting. I warmly recommend it to anybody with this issue. The shipping cost me a lot, but you can get it for about 70 pounds in England"

Charlie51 December 29, 2015

Cialis (tadalafil): "After being on Cialis for 3 months but still losing my erection during sex I started topping up with viagra as well. Even this didn't work so my problem was clearly not physical. I completely switched tactics and focused on my anxiety even though I thought I was not anxious. I started taking 5mg seroxat daily with 5mg Cialis. After only 2 days I was fixed. No loss of erection. My wife was so pleased. Had sex several times since without a problem and my wife likes my fuller size. Dosage is 5mg Cialis and 5mg seroxat. Will stop taking the seroxat at 4 weeks and see what happens even though 5mg is a very low dosage for this drug."

Johnny lB Goode December 24, 2015

Cialis (tadalafil): "Costly, no breaks, once yearly free 30. Cost $250 monthly"

Smith4cialis20mg · Taken for 1 to 2 years December 21, 2015

Cialis (tadalafil): "I'm a 45y male diabetic. Cialis 20mg with light food will good for 3 days, multiple sessions, gives hard erection, and delayed ejaculation. Side effects are mild body pain but aspirin, advil will help."

Satisfied! December 11, 2015

Cialis (tadalafil): "Forgot to mention that I have had no adverse side effects that others have mentioned. I already have some nasal allergies so I was concerned about nasal congestion but it has not happened. One downside is that I am always semi-hard; it never becomes entirely flaccid so I have to wear tight underwear so I don't form a tent."

Satisfied! · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 11, 2015

Cialis (tadalafil): "Age 67, started Cialis 5mg daily 2 months ago for prostate issues (weak stream, getting up at night to pee) but didn't feel I needed it for erections. Now able to pee across the length of the bathtub and sleeping through the night (if I don't have a beer with dinner). Most surprising is how well it works for my erections!"

CgyMan · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 10, 2015

Cialis (tadalafil): "Did 2.5 mg/day for 1 week, moved to 5 mg after that. After 10 days, developed mild ringing in ears and a few other mild symptoms. Stopped Cialis. Too late, damage already done to hair cells in cochlea (inner ear). Then did Prednisone (5 days at 30 mg, then 5 days at 15 mg), which seems to have helped the ringing in the ears. After 6 weeks of no Cialis I then started again but this 2nd round had NO side effects at all and ringing in ears seems to be diminishing. Been on 5 mg again now for 3 weeks, all ok, very good positive effects (but ringing hasn't completely gone). My drug plan pays 100% luckily as long as I buy it in 90 day supply ($450) to incur only 1 pharma dispensing fee."

Buster41 December 3, 2015

Cialis (tadalafil): "I was given the once daily trial package of 5mg Cialis. I have read several comments on the number of days taking it before it works. I have been taking it for 5 days now and I have not noticed any effects from it at all. With help from my wife I have only been able to achieve about a 50% erection for some time and after 5 days of Cialis use I cannot notice any difference. I will take it for another two days and if it doesn't start working I will try another brand of medication. I must say I am very disappointed after reading so many positive reviews. Glad I didn't spend the $400 plus for the ten 20mg pills the doctor prescribed. If the daily use didn't work, I doubt the as needed will work either."

MorningLover November 28, 2015

"I am 42 yr old. I have been in relationships with many women since my college days & the sex was just fantastic. But about 3 years back I started having problem of maintaining an erection with my girlfriend and it all went into a downward spiral. My girlfriend was understanding and still stayed on with me. But still I was having the guilt feeling of not being able to satisfy her in bed. After 3 years I decided - enough was enough, and saw a sexologist doc in my town. After some tests he gave me 30 samples of 10 mg of Tadalafil tablets. He asked me to take 5 mg every day at 4 pm. The effects started showing from day one - it really worked"

frequentraveller November 6, 2015

Cialis (tadalafil): "I've been using Cialis for about 5 years now after having problems staying hard during sex. This usually happened a few minutes before I was about to cum, so it was disappointing all round. My wife would then have to give me a flaccid hand job to make me cum. The doc prescribed cialis 10mg and the difference was immediate. I try to take the 10mg pill at least 1 hour before sex, but really the medicine works 36 to 48 hours later, so you can quite easily take one in the morning if your not too sure when you will require an erection that day. I noticed someone said here that they got hard just looking at a hot woman, well that does not happen with me, my penis needs direct stimulation, but the reaction is strong and immediate."

HAPPY MAN · Taken for less than 1 month October 31, 2015

Cialis (tadalafil): "Tried cialis after talking to family doctor been having problems with keep a erection during sex. Was given trial pack of twenty mg tabs instructed to cut them into two pieces when trying them for the first time. Twelve hours later nothing was feeling down then around twenty hours later bingo it started to work, had sex several times over a three day period and it is still working on day four, wife very impressed states it is harder bigger and last longer then when I was younger."

Happy dad October 29, 2015

Cialis (tadalafil): "Was having problems getting and keeping it up during sex for around a two month period, talked to my doctor was given trial pack of Cialis 20 mg per his advice cut one of the pills into two pieces. Around four in the evening took it, eight hours later still no results, around midnight got a strong erection had great sex with my wife of twenty some years, woke up the next morning with a erection wife gave me oral sex for around thirty minutes before i exploded, She said it was the hardest she had seen me in the last ten years. Been three days now and still going strong"

Canadian guy · Taken for less than 1 month October 26, 2015

Cialis (tadalafil): "I am 53 years old. I took this for the first time last around 2:00 pm Thursday to see if it worked and if to see if I would ecperience any of the side effects prior to the weekend. I was sceptical at first. I noticed that I achieved an erection fairly easily about an hour after taking the medication. During the night, I woke up a few times to rock hard erections (this is something I haven't experienced in years). After work that day, I was still able to achieve rock hard erections as though I was still in my twenties "

Solly74 October 26, 2015

Cialis (tadalafil): "I'm 41 years old. Smoker and diabetic type II (I exercise regularly and watch my diet so my blood sugars are under control). I've been having problems since I was 16 and they have been because of a psychological nature. After a few months of dating a girl I'd be okay. Started dating a younger woman and didn't want to disappoint her in case (like most relationships) she thought I didn't find her attractive. Tried Viagra first. Worked awesome and effects lasted for a while. Tried Cialis. Wow. Lasted the weekend. I felt like I was already dating her for a few months now. I did get headaches and runny nose, but so worth it! Not good for quick sessions though. It's not the sensitivity that's an issue, you just want to keep going."

oldbutalive · Taken for less than 1 month October 18, 2015

Cialis (tadalafil): "I am 75, and not ready to give up. 5mgs and an hour later it is raging. It really works and I even last longer than when younger. I am sold."

Snowman911 October 18, 2015

Cialis (tadalafil): "Once I hit the age of 50 I noticed that my bedroom performance was getting poorer. I went for a check up at the doctors and had various blood tests but all came back fine. The doctor decided to put me on viagra but I said I preferred Cialis. The doctor refused on cost grounds. I purchased a 3 month supply of Cialis online and have now been taking it for about a week. After a lot of research I started on a daily dose of 5mg and will be reducing this to 2.5gm from tomorrow which I think should be perfect for me. All I can really say is WOW!! No side effects at all. Erections are solid and easy to achieve. Flaccid state is much larger and my confidence has rocketed. God bless the scientists."

CoolDude123 October 14, 2015

"I am 42 and my wife is 41 yrs old. We have been married for about a year now. She is damn hot even at this age. I was always worried at the back of my mind as to whether I would be able to satisfy her, and my erection will let me down. I was always anxious to satisfy her. But in our one year marriage our sex life was very ordinary. Sometimes I would last long for upto 15 - 20 min and sometimes not even last for 4 min. She was frustrated with me. I was worried whether she would leave me for a more capable man. I saw a doctor and he gave me Cialis - 5 mg to be taken daily for a month. Our best bedtime started on the first night I took the pill for the first time. I think we did it multiple times the whole night and she pleaded me to stop. :)"

Dryfog October 12, 2015

Cialis (tadalafil): "At the age of 54 l can tell you that I've been lucky not to have needed this product earlier, but loosing a wife of 25yrs in 2010 was a curve ball that changed me forever. There came a point where l had to have my needs met only to find out that plumbing needed a little nudge. So I asked my PC doc for something with little side affects. He gave me the Cialis daily 5mg. 1st day l took 5mg by myself to see if l noticed any difference since she was never going find out, that's my plan and l'm sticking to it. Anyhow, this stuff WORKS, and works well. Then next night with her l took 10mg at 8pm, and the rest is history. By 11:00 l made my move, and it was the greatest thing to stay up till the sun came up , 100%Satisfied :)"

Brent D October 10, 2015

Cialis (tadalafil): "I was stressed from work and a recent move. This affected my ability to perform in the bedroom. After a month of problems my ED got worse as my confidence waned. Finally I decided to see the doc. He gave me a free sample of 20 mg cialis. I took the pill that day around 4pm. I felt the effects by 5. Went about my usual nightly routine. Around 9 it was time to give it a try. I cornered the wife in the bedroom and made my move. Let's just say it worked very well. No problem getting it up and maintaining and I completed the deed without trouble. The next night we it worked again! Use it!"

ManOfAction · Taken for less than 1 month October 4, 2015

Cialis (tadalafil): "46 yo, average health, no major ED but just not what it used to be. Bought 100mg Viagra and 20mg Cialis to do a comparison (both name brand). Split the pills and took 50mg and 10mg of each respectively in separate episodes. While they both worked, Cialis is the clear winner for me. The reasons: 1. Lasts longer - Cialis lasted all weekend. We didn't need to plan anything. 2. Not affected by food - One time Viagra didn't work at all because I had eaten. 3. Cost - Pills are similarly priced but because Cialis lasts 2 days (and Viagra 4 hours) you don't need as many doses (nor would you waste a dose by accidentally eating)."

Yoleberry September 23, 2015

Cialis (tadalafil): "Have been using generic cialis works great, no difference from brand name. Also I usually pay about 70 cents per pill. Save your money, there is no difference. only an idiot would pay 10 dollars or more for one pill"

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