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User Reviews for Tadalafil (Page 9)

Also known as: Cialis, Adcirca, Alyq

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Erectile Dysfunction 8.5
508 reviews 23 medications
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia 8.2
88 reviews 15 medications
Pulmonary Hypertension 5.4
7 reviews 22 medications
Summary of Tadalafil reviews 8.4 603 reviews

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Reviews for Tadalafil

Robinpandey March 29, 2017

Cialis (tadalafil) for Erectile Dysfunction: “Amazing effects. Up to 48hrs effective. Penis remains hard. If u herpes positive then it did trigger my herpes in 12 hrs....this is a big issue.”

9 / 10
TheWife97 March 26, 2017

Cialis (tadalafil) for Erectile Dysfunction: “My hubby started taking Cialis on Friday March 24. His issue was being able to maintain and erection. Within 3 hours of taking it he was able to have intercourse with me and was able to maintain his erection, and it worked like a dream it has been 2 days and we are having sex like we did when we were 20!!!!! He is 43 and I am 45. I am a nurse and have talked with him about getting help and I'm so glad he did!!!!! No side effects as of yet!”

10 / 10
Fire man March 18, 2017

Cialis (tadalafil) for Erectile Dysfunction: “Absolutely amazing Works a treat 10mgs 1hr before I suffer bad anxiety This fixed me this wonder pill Is better than Viagra I'm in my late 30s I never had a problem until one occasion Go for it nothing wrong Wow!! I will keep on taking it”

10 / 10
Carla souza March 17, 2017

For Erectile Dysfunction: “Medicine not work my husband took it and nothing happens. ”

1 / 10
SupsC20 March 16, 2017

Cialis (tadalafil) for Erectile Dysfunction: “Since late twenties I've faced ED. I'm healthy and not overweight. I wish I took cialis my first experience with ED. I highly suggest you speak with your doctor to try a sample or a prescription if you're the least bit curious, or have ever had a bad moment with ED. Don't be embarrassed to talk to your doctor and specifically ask for it. I've tried viagra, which didn't help. I also tried the 10mg dosage of cialis, which I enjoyed. The 20mg is where I'm used to my erections being from when I was a teenager. Taking the 20mg tablet of cialis a few hours before, and my confidence is 100% in my performance. Also, I've had zero side effects.”

10 / 10
Pasi March 2, 2017

Cialis (tadalafil) for Erectile Dysfunction: “Very effective . I like it. However I noticed that my penis has an increased bend making penetration difficult. Does Cialis cause bending. Is there a way to reverse bending or is there medicine that can reduce the bending.”

8 / 10
Suresh from india February 28, 2017

Cialis (tadalafil) for Erectile Dysfunction: “I took tadalafil for enlarge my penis, when I don't have any ED issue. initially I took 5mg medicine for some reason I stopped intake it but I faced side effects that when I did intercourse my erection went suddenly again I went to Dr and he prescribed me for 10mg to take daily basis I took this for three days I gained wonderful erection but I wonder do I need to take this stuff life long so I stopped and doing natural treatment. But not getting full erection. So guys keep in mind you have to take this stuff if u want to have sex.”

1 / 10
Good Vibrations February 13, 2017

Cialis (tadalafil) for Erectile Dysfunction: “I have been taking Cialis for 3 years now. I am healthy, exercise, and not overweight. The reason for adding Cialis to my daily vitamins is that my partner likes a daily intimate time. With intimate time 5 to 6 days a week I fine that both of us have a very special time. She knows I take it and has no problem with what I call my daily vitamin. I see my cardiologist and have blood work yearly. So far all lights are green and thumbs up.”

10 / 10
KL 72 years old February 4, 2017

Cialis (tadalafil) for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: “I have been taking 10mg Cialis, (Tadalafil) with great success. Used to have huge problems years ago, to the point that I was considering surgery. Many medications have terrible side effects like lowering your sexdrive, some even creating irreversible damage. I first found out years ago via the Internet, long before it got approved by the FDA, mentioned it to my Urologist, who was a professor at a university who approved it right away. Medicare is not covering it and the pharmacy was trying to charge $286 for a month supply. This left me the only option to find an pharmacy on the Internet where I get a year supply at a time keeping it in the freezer to preserve its potency. Great results for my prostate and my sex life.”

10 / 10
Oldie123 January 28, 2017

Cialis (tadalafil) for Erectile Dysfunction: “I started taking Cialis when I reached 60 last year, when I started to lose my erection too quickly. As I have always enjoyed a good sex life, but suffer from diabetes 2 and high blood pressure, I consulted my doctor who prescribed Cialis 20 mg. The effect was nothing short of miraculous. I take it 40-60 minutes before sex. When stimulated my penis gets as hard as in my 30's. I last much longer, can repeat as needed, and the effects last for 24 hours so morning sex is back on the menu. My penis is also longer and more importantly has a bigger girth. Now I am having lots of great sex with both my wife. Highly recommended.”

10 / 10
youngerguy January 28, 2017

Cialis (tadalafil) for Erectile Dysfunction: “This stuff straight up works. I'm a 27 year old who has performance anxiety issues, and this stuff is a life saver. Don't listen to those who say it doesn't help with psychological issues; it really does! My only two complaints are the cost, and ironically, sometimes it's TOO easy to get an erection (it doesn't take too much stimulation and it's rock hard).”

9 / 10
Dave125 January 27, 2017

Cialis (tadalafil) for Erectile Dysfunction: “I am in my 60s. With diabetes type 2 I slowly started losing erection too quickly and was losing confidence in bed. After seeing my doctor I was told Cialis is safe for diabetics. I take one 20mg tablet in the evening about 40 mins before I need it. As it says on the pack , sexual stimulation is needed but then I get as hard as I used to be 30 years ago, also long lasting and a short recovery time after ejaculation. Even better it continues to work at least until the following morning. So I am having better sex than for a long time and regained my confidence in the bedroom. And of course my partner is delighted. The side effect is increased heart rate and occasionally a slight headache. But this of course may be due to other factors.”

9 / 10
TadHappy · Taken for 6 months to 1 year January 22, 2017

For Erectile Dysfunction: “Hey guys, Tadalafil (and generics that can be purchased from outside the U.S.) are a must if you are suffering from ED. I am 41 and was probably 38 when I first started noticing that things weren't working as well as they had been. ED can really creep up on you slowly, but it was getting to the point where I was rushing to finish out of fear of losing my erection. Don't be embarrassed, go to your doctor and get a prescription. Ask for a Tadalafil script and then check out online Canadian pharmacies (there are legit ones out there) to get the drug at affordable prices. Don't be afraid of generics, mine works just as good as Cialis did. Rock hard, long-lasting erections on demand. Morning wood has returned. Flaccid size improvement. Do it!”

10 / 10
Midage · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 22, 2017

Cialis (tadalafil) for Erectile Dysfunction: “I used to take Viagra on occasion and it worked great. I even was able to split 50mg in quarters. Doc recommended Cialis at 2.5mg first. Took for 2 week no results. Then he gave me 5mg and he said I can take up to 4 5mg at a time. Still no where near the firmness of Viagra. It took hours to start working and firmness would last about 5 minutes. I could get hard again but I'll lose it fast. Goes to show not all meds work for all.”

3 / 10
Rleev January 21, 2017

Cialis (tadalafil) for Erectile Dysfunction: “I experienced much harder and longer lasting erections, which in turn increased length and girth back to a younger time, which made things more enjoyable for my wife and I. Even found myself waking with an erection which I didn't realize I had missed so much. The one side affect was the lower back ache that lasted several days, but it was worth it. It was a free trial and I received several samples from my doctor. Otherwise, now I can't afford them and they aren't covered under my insurance.”

9 / 10
PattiCummings · Taken for 1 to 2 years January 14, 2017

Cialis (tadalafil) for Erectile Dysfunction: “My husband uses Cialis 5 mg for once daily use, which has helped him overcome his occasional ED and symptoms of BPH. He no longer uses Tamsulosin. We are both very satisfied with the outcome. Cialis has helped to boost his confidence during foreplay and intercourse.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 2 years January 7, 2017

Cialis (tadalafil) for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: “I started taking 5 mg Cialis daily because of bothersome BPH during the day. (I did not have problems during the night.) After only a couple of weeks, I was better, and in less than 2 months, BPH was not a problem. I do have a somewhat stuffy nose occasionally, but this is minor. I consider myself fortunate to have seen BPH advertisements on television because the ads prompted me to ask my doctor about Cialis.”

10 / 10
Heavy Smoker / Triathlete December 28, 2016

Cialis (tadalafil) for Erectile Dysfunction: “About 10 years ago around age of 35 I started having "issues" keeping an erection. I was borderline alcoholic - any how. I got the Cialis and wow. Man this is a miracle drug. I smoke like a chimney I eat like a pig but I do stay in shape including running marathons and triathlons - plus working out. I usually get a 10 mg and then break it in half and I am totally good to go for 24 to 36 hours. It does not "magically" work all the time. I have been with women that sucked in romance (robot / impersonal / cold) and no amount of Cialis is going to save me there. So just like "Psychedelics" it has to be right Set/Setting - if I am comfortable and the mood is right - oh here we go.”

10 / 10
Mike B 5596 December 14, 2016

Cialis (tadalafil) for Erectile Dysfunction: “I take cialis daily 5mg. I have been on it for 3 months. I did everything in the book to help my erections from eating good, exercising, testosterone therapy etc. None of it helped my erections become stable and dependable. So because my erections were 50/50 I suffered emotionally and it made it worse. When I started taking cialis I started at 2.5mg. Symptoms were back pain and headaches for a while. It took about a week and my erections improved. Over the 3 months I moved to 5mg. Side effects are little to none. At this dosage I get an erection everytime and has not failed me. If you suffer from mild to moderate erection issues like I had. Don't hesitate to give it a try. Side effects suck at first for me anyway but they go away.”

9 / 10
InkBuddy · Taken for 5 to 10 years December 7, 2016

Cialis (tadalafil) for Erectile Dysfunction: “I'm 67 and have been using Cialis for five years. Started with 10mg dose with no response, moved up to 20mg dose and WOW!!! It takes me about two hours to start feeling the effects and works best after four hours. Erections are hard as a rock I use the 5mg daily now due to cost and insurance not covering it. It's $9 for one 5mg pill. $275 for 30. Thinking of going to Mexico to get it cheaper. The wife and I have sex almost everyday and sometimes twice a day.”

10 / 10
ED D'CARPENTER · Taken for less than 1 month December 2, 2016

Cialis (tadalafil) for Erectile Dysfunction: “Took one 10mg per docs instruction, penis felt funny, felt unusual inside. We were expecting a lot. Very dependent on mood, my penis felt so odd, that was it. Same thing next morning erect but then gone in 2 seconds. I am kind of odd, read one other person had same experience. Very bummed about this, anyway she was cool about it. We normally have good sex but I can not go for more than a few minutes. With this Cialis I couldn't stay up at all.”

1 / 10
Nice Guy November 22, 2016

Cialis (tadalafil) for Erectile Dysfunction: “I am 69, and because of fear of failure (wife gets sooooo angry when I fail) nothing happens any more so wife hates me more and more every day, - I went to GP and got 6 tablets of 20mg Cialis (insanely expensive; approx $ 18 a piece) First tablet hardly any reaction at all; then took the second pill approx 24 hrs later and presto... very good result, could keep "it" up for at least 20 mins. The effect lasted at least 24 hours or even longer. Cialis=Brilliant. - But oh sooooo expensive that I cannot afford it more often that twice a month - And after hearing kinds of bad stories, I don't dare to buy online only with my GP. To summarise Cialis is a life-saver but an expensive one.”

8 / 10
soulcan November 20, 2016

Cialis (tadalafil) for Erectile Dysfunction: “OK, guys, I had a bottle of champagne and we drank,but i failed, ugh. I thought it was her roomates with kids next door and said next time better at my place. so we tried at my place, again a fail, 2 months later saw her , by now I had bought cialis, I mixed champagne, vodka, ,well things were going well, but then before ,climax, I felt like might have heart attack, had to stop, then,another fail so, then ( started Kundalini yoga, excercises, about squeezing your sex, muscles, breathing , blood flow etc, ( Sat Kriya ) my ex girlfriend had taught me years ago, started again amazing, if no yoga( 80mg bayer heart asprin ,rock hard .lol all”

6 / 10
Anonymous November 2, 2016

Cialis (tadalafil) for Erectile Dysfunction: “Great product , I can go for a long time strong, thank you to cialis and my doctor that prescribed.”

10 / 10
Divrack · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 31, 2016

Cialis (tadalafil) for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: “I had Cyber Knife in 2015 & mild BPH before and after.Went over a year taking nothing but Flo Max never worked for me, but my BPH got bad & started taking 5 mg cialis which helped.First Urine Culture came back with blood & a UTI. Next 3 were clear Went on Cialis an & Cypro. Then Cialis & Ceturoxime for 7 days and STILL no answers I felt worse then before. I did made the MISTAKE of taking 2 Cialis for 3 days at the end of my Ceturoxime because I felt so horrible DON"T DO THIS Dr said it was a toxic dose.Now Ive been waiting for OVER a week on his orders of "Take Nothing & Go to ER if it gets worse" I cant take anymore ! Going back to my Cialis to see if it can help again. It never did help with libido issues now or before. I have got rid of my Doc”

7 / 10