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User Reviews for Ropinirole

Also known as: Requip, Requip XL, ReQuip Follow on Pack, ReQuip Starter Pack, Repreve, Requip Starter Kit

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
Restless Legs Syndrome
228 reviews 14 medications
Parkinson's Disease
12 reviews 52 medications
Periodic Limb Movement Disorder
15 reviews 11 medications
Summary of Ropinirole reviews 6.5 255 reviews

Reviews for Ropinirole

Allen · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 10, 2019

For Restless Legs Syndrome: "I started taking Requip (Ropinrole) a few months ago at the urging of my wife, whom, apparently I was horribly kicking in my sleep every night. Now that I am at the full strength of my 5 mg dosage, I can say, along with my wife, that now I barely move in my sleep all now and am getting a full night's unbroken sleep, very rarely waking up until my alarm goes off, and I feel completely refreshed in the morning. The only side effect I have experienced, that is actually the reverse of some I have read, is that I don't dream at night anymore after taking my med, at least if I do, I have no recollection of them at all. That being said, if I do catch a nap during the day without the med, I have some of the most vivid dreams I can remember having since I was young if not ever. Aside from that, the Requip has been a life (and marriage) saver!"

Sin · Taken for 5 to 10 years May 23, 2019

Requip (ropinirole) for Restless Legs Syndrome: "I was on REQUIP for my RESTLESS LEGS SYNDROME which I got after having my son but it gotten worst. My son is 41 now and I am worse I keep my husband up and he works every day and he needs his rest. Now the DRUG company says I can't take Requip name brand and have too take Repolirole 2mg but I am up all night with legs jumping all night and no sleep and get up to go the couch and try too sleep some."

Romanof54 · Taken for 1 to 2 years May 16, 2019

For Restless Legs Syndrome: "I've been on a dose of 0.5mg each morning and 1.0mg at night. It's been working great for the last two years but recently it's hit or miss. More often than not my RLS acts up at work mid-day. At bedtime, my RLS doesn't subside for an hour or more. Looks like I'm going to be talking to my GP and get a referral for more help."

Nana · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 20, 2019

Requip (ropinirole) for Restless Legs Syndrome: "Weight gain"

Jen · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 13, 2019

For Restless Legs Syndrome: "So I started Ropinirole 1mg for restless leg syndrome and it helped so much with my legs. After I took it though it made me very tired Like I was in bed asleep by 8pm. I slept awesome, best sleep in years. then after awhile my Dr increased to 2mg because it seemed to not last all night. In 2-3 hours after taking 2mg I threw up everything!! Took it with food, without, tried...but it was ridiculous how much I was getting sick. Reading peoples experiences I've also had increased muscle aches, cramping in legs and neck stuffiness, so I'm thinking this isn't right for me."

Anonymous April 9, 2019

For Restless Legs Syndrome: "Absolute lifesaver. When I miss a dose, I feel it immediately. I could not live without this medicine. No side effects at all."

Blessedw92018 · Taken for less than 1 month March 28, 2019

For Restless Legs Syndrome: "I was prescribed Ropinirole 0.5 yesterday (3-27-19). Was told to start taking 1 a week working my way up to taking 4 a week at week 4. I took my first dose at 10:40pm and within 45 min was so disoriented I couldn't see straight and made my severe RLS 10x worse then before. My calves locked up as though I had a major Charlie horse and I couldn't stop my legs from moving. I felt extremely nauseous as well. Now the next day I have thrown up twice, my whole body hurts and I feel like I have the flu (which isn't a coincidence) I'm unable to hold my head up I'm terribly ill and weak from this medication today. This medicine has kept my mind fuzzy all day and extreme mood swings. I'm never like this ever but once I took this 1 dose I felt horrible. These horrible side effects aren't worth it I'm so done with this medication."

Dave · Taken for 6 months to 1 year March 12, 2019

For Restless Legs Syndrome: "I was suffering with RLS for a couple of years without knowing what was going on. Finally, I mentioned the symptoms to my Dr and he diagnosed me. I started on Ropinirole .25 mg with very little effect. Over the months it has been increased to 2mg. It has helped a great deal. I do find it helps me sleep when I take 2 hours before bedtime. Also, it seems to cause erections. I don’t see this listed on side effects list. Perhaps if I work up the courage I will ask my Dr. About that. I do recommend this medication if you are suffering from RLS."

CeeCee · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 24, 2019

For Restless Legs Syndrome: "I’ve suffered from RLS 20 plus years. Like most, without medication, it is an unbearable sensation and condition. Have been using between 1 to 2, 2 mg per night. If I take it a few hours before bedtime it is most effective. However, I pay for its usage by feeling very sluggish the following day. It’s unfortunate, yet it’s a trade off I’m willing to accept. There’s very little worse than RLS."

Betsey February 8, 2019

For Restless Legs Syndrome: "I’ve had restless leg syndrome for about 30 years guessing!! Tried a lot of products but ropinrole seems to be the top of the list §!! My legs starts moving around 8pm most of the time if I’m watching tv or sitting down I have to get up and move I started with 0.25 twice a day now I’m on 1 mg!! Since last year not a year yet!! They were working wonderful but now and then they seem to be moving again. It gets so discouraging sometimes !! Soon I will check with my doctor. I may have to up it again a little !! The worst sometime I get weird dreams not pleasant at all but not all the time. I also get nausea but when I lie down it seems to pass off!! I take ginger chews seems to help !! Hope this helps someone !! Hope there is a cure for this sometime in the future !! I am 64 yrears old I would not be able to do without ropinrole or I would be up all night long !! Thank you!! For allowing me to share!!! "

Buckwheat80 · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 23, 2019

Requip (ropinirole) for Restless Legs Syndrome: "Didn’t notice a change in RLS, but after trying at 0.5mg a few different times I noticed it was causing terrible depression. Every time I try it the depression hits me the next day and gets worse. Maybe it’ll go away after awhile, but I’m not waiting! The depression it gave me was terrible."

Justfiguringitout · Taken for less than 1 month January 6, 2019

For Restless Legs Syndrome: "Candoitoo - I read your comments on the dosage and leg tenderness on inside of thigh. I had that before I started using ropinerole. I was concerned and could not figure out why that strange tenderness was there. .25 mg an hour or so before bed, then 1 or 2 of the .25 mg at bedtime. It has helped with the RLS so it has helped with the anxiety, panic and depression that comes with sleep deprivation. Glad to hear someone else is having similar response. Bad dreams come to me with or without the ropinerole. That seems to be part of the whole condition."

Izzl · Taken for less than 1 month December 29, 2018

Requip (ropinirole) for Restless Legs Syndrome: "Had been taking clonazepam for RLS. In the hospital Doctor decided to switch to Requip. That night traumatized me for a long time. Side effects , electric-like shooting pains exiting from my vertebrae bilaterally. When I returned home I looked up this medication. The approval rating was high, but if you read the side effects people had I would not recommend it to anyone. Leg pain with gabapentin. Mirapex made my muscles cramp up. My mom loved it, but I am back to clonazepam. Quality control bad with generics but as anyone who suffers from RLS knows, you get quite desperate, almost frantic if you run out of medication. BTW antidepressants exasperate symptoms."

rfields · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 21, 2018

For Restless Legs Syndrome: "ADHD all my life but RLS started after back surgery after a 40mph bicycle accident. I was 62 then and am now 70. The symptoms start in the late afternoon or early evening and preclude anything like sitting quietly, reading or watching a movie. At night it was impossible to sleep and I was getting depressed to the point of crying and having thoughts of ending it all. I'm now taking 3mg at 8 pm (3 hrs before bed) with 30 mg of THC orally. Prior to the THC, the Requip would only afford me about 4 hrs sleep a night. The THC helps with the nausea, hot flashes, and helps me get to sleep and stay asleep. Now I get 8+ hrs of sleep most nights. If anyone pursues this course of action, BE ADVISED, start out with 5mg THC and increase as need OVER WEEKS OR MONTHS! This combo has saved my life. Comments I've read here have brought me to tears. I hope this will help some of you. One person mentioned that it helps with ED. I can verify that. However, it does nothing for libido."

Bee · Taken for less than 1 month November 28, 2018

For Restless Legs Syndrome: "So... after years of failed drug 'trials' my consultant said I was now severe so has put me on Ropinirole. The 1st night felt sick but fought it off but last night..WOW!! It was like a scene from the exorcist!! That sick flew out of me....within an hour!! Then afterwards I was feeling really weak but fell asleep pretty quickly and woke up at 6.... bit zombified though!! I DID fall asleep at my desk...literally 5 mins but was unexpected!! More up dates to follow... can anyone fellow sufferer tell me if the sickness wears off...pleassssee!!!"

Bubba · Taken for 2 to 5 years November 18, 2018

For Periodic Limb Movement Disorder: "This is the best medication I have ever been on for RLS/PLMD. It has really given my quality of life back to me. I never experienced any problems with nausea or vomiting "

Karaokekate51 · Taken for 5 to 10 years November 9, 2018

For Periodic Limb Movement Disorder: "For many years I had been experiencing jerky legs, arms and total body. It became painful when I had these bouts. Around the age of 45 they became daily, sometimes multiple times a day. On top of fibromyalgia these bouts became unbearable. A doctor diagnosed me and perceived generic result. Took awhile to get the dosage adjusted. I finally was adjusted to .05 in increments up to 6 tablets before bed time to be able to sleep. It worked out great. If I have bouts during the day I will take 1 tab. I will fall asleep within 30 minutes and sleep up to 2 hours. I have lost health and prescription ins. And don't know how this is going to play out. I can't go without this drug, the pain it relieves makes life tolerable."

Katz · Taken for 10 years or more November 1, 2018

Requip (ropinirole) for Restless Legs Syndrome: "Been on Requip, 1mg for over ten years. The first 10 days or so, it was awful. Thought I would pass out. Kept stopping and starting again. Then like magic, no more side effects and worked 90% of the time. Retired this year and switch to cheaper ropinerole, 2mg as the lower dose was useless! Nausea too. So, now it 8months later and switched back to brand Requip. Some things are just not worth the cheaper price. Grateful I will sleep tonight!!"

OG Patriot · Taken for less than 1 month October 6, 2018

For Restless Legs Syndrome: "I got it while in a detox facility and left with a script. For someone who has severe ADD and constantly restless legs it was a blessing. Especially with the withdrawal symptoms - it changed everything. I was able to stay still enough to fall asleep. I didn't have my ADD meds (vyvance and adderall) while in the facility so it was also a help in keeping my ADD symptoms under control."

Hans September 23, 2018

For Restless Legs Syndrome: "I have kidney failure and apparently RLS is very common with renal problems. For the most part it works for me, but it's obvious to me that I'm going to have to keep upping the dosage to make it work. I have started to do some very basic leg stretches which I highly recommend, just about 2 feet from your bed or chair, put your leg on the bed with your knee locked and bend over slightly till you feel the pull in your calf and thigh, and hold for about 90 seconds or so and switch legs and repeat. Try this several times during the evening, but especially before you go to bed. I don't have pain with my RLS just the constant need to move, but of course it makes it almost impossible to sleep, and the Requip does help with little side effects."

Wildviolet · Taken for 5 to 10 years September 18, 2018

For Restless Legs Syndrome: "I have had RLS for years. Bad, tired years. I take three 1mg every night. I have to take them at 7 pm because now, it doesn't take effect for at least 3 hours, plus I take 1/2 Xanax with them along with 100 mg of Gabapentin. I get tired, nose stuffy, but cannot go to sleep. I end up in bed about 9-10 because I am so tired. I lay there and my mind is wild. Sometime I fall asleep. I wake around 5-6. Go back to sleep for an hour or so and this is when I have crazy dreams. I was on Ropinirole patches during the day but they would not stay stuck to my skin. During the day my legs are so weak and tired I can hardly walk but if I set down they start jerking around."

linny · Taken for 1 to 2 years August 11, 2018

For Restless Legs Syndrome: "helps me get the rest I need. Without rest I hurt terribly from chronic fatigue syndrome. I tried to stop taking this for a few months and I was exhausted and up most of the night with leg issues. A couple times I actually got up and marched in place for a few minutes. So frustrating to have RLS."

bob · Taken for 10 years or more August 6, 2018

For Restless Legs Syndrome: "I have had RLS for more than 20 years and Ropinirole (three 1 mg tab) works perfectly as long as I take them at least 2 hours before bedtime. It is also good for ED."

Dot · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 31, 2018

Requip (ropinirole) for Restless Legs Syndrome: "I had been suffering with restless legs for many years on occasion, while sleeping. Then it started every evening about 3 years ago. Started taking Requip 1 mg about 2 years ago and it takes 1 - 2 hours to work. Sometimes I have to take another pill during the night. I do not have any side effects so I am very satisfied with it."

whitestar4 · Taken for 5 to 10 years July 14, 2018

For Restless Legs Syndrome: "I suffer with restless legs I have for years I suffer with this 24 seven I have got to the point where I have thought of taking a overdose. It is ruining my life I can't stand much more of it I've been to the doctor again and he has prescribed me Ropinirole 25mg which has made me worse - stomach pains and very bad nausea next day I can't take this no more I take Temgesc 400 mg 4 to5 a day dissolve under my tongue which help me a lot but I cannot now sleep for more than an hour which is making me very ill I do not know what to do anymore. The hospital believe it was nerve damage in my lower legs. The pain in my calf muscles is unbelievable from top to bottom my muscles flinch terrible I am finding it very hard to cope with it now "


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