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User Reviews for Norethindrone (Page 6)

Also known as: Camila, Errin, Ortho Micronor, Aygestin, Lyza, Tulana, Jencycla, Incassia, Norlyda, Nora-Be, Jolivette, Norlyroc, Heather, Sharobel Deblitane

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Amenorrhea 6.8
16 reviews 33 medications
Endometriosis 5.6
65 reviews 102 medications
Birth Control 5.1
840 reviews 328 medications
Abnormal Uterine Bleeding 4.2
193 reviews 102 medications
Summary of Norethindrone reviews 5.0 1,114 reviews

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Reviews for Norethindrone

Ce · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 12, 2020

Tulana (norethindrone) for Birth Control: “I get my birth control online and every year they send a new brand. Same ingredients but different brand. When I got Tulana I thought something was terribly wrong with me heath-wise. My periods were heavy, every two weeks I had one. I was miserable, scared and really didn’t think it could be this until 3 months into taking this. They sent me something else and immediately I was back to normal. I don’t m know what is wrong with this one but please avoid this.”

1 / 10
Nicholestarr · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 10, 2020

For Birth Control: “I have been on norethindrone for about 4 months now. I have been bleeding heavy since I got on the pill. I have never had any issue with birth control like this before. It truly doesn’t make any sense why I should be bleeding out so bad like I have been. I do not recommend this pill because of my own issues but it may work better for other people.”

2 / 10
Diamond · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 10, 2020

Heather (norethindrone) for Endometriosis: “I have chronic endometriosis and adenomyosis. I was prescribed the mini pill and was given a 3 month supply of Heather birth control pill by my pharmacy. I continue to have extreme cramping even when not on my cycle. I have been bleeding for, so far as we speak, 12 days and counting. I'm 47, will be 48 in April and used to have clear skin and now I have itchy weird puffy skin, especially on my cheeks near eyes. Getting a lot of itchy hives on my face in random spots, especially around my upper cheek bones near and around eyes. Really tired all the time, emotionless and I've also noticed constipation. This pill is supposed to have regulated my period and help with the pain. I'm at the end of my second pack and am stopping the pill immediately!! Not taking it anymore. .. Everyone is different and that is my experience. Hope it helps TAKE AT YOUR OWN RISK.”

k117 · Taken for 2 to 5 years January 8, 2020

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: “I had to stop taking the combination pill due to my migraines so I was prescribed the mini pill. At first it was great- I had one period a year while on this, less migraines and I never got pregnant. Those are the only pros. Slowly other symptoms started to creep in - more acne, anxiety (like questioning every little thing and debating if my fiance and friends even like me!!), episodes of depression, racing thoughts, low libido, dizzy spells, acid reflux became more intense over time.. to name a few. The absolute worst side effect had to be the insomnia!! When you have insomnia it of course increases your anxiety and depression. I've been off of it for a month and almost all of the cons have reversed except for the insomnia. Even my migraines stopped so far! I am hoping to correct the insomnia soon but just beware!!”

2 / 10
Celeste · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 8, 2020

Ortho Micronor (norethindrone) for Birth Control: “Okay so I started this pill the first day of my period ( which is what's recommended so you won't have breakthrough bleeding) and the first month I experienced cramping, nausea & I was a bit moody. After the first month it actually got better and I was convinced I wouldn't have anymore side effects because it how great I felt . I'm now on my 5th pack and I'm experiencing a lot of cramping and it's really annoying, I had these migraines for like 3 days straight and I've been irritable, so I guess they side effects can come & go . I take it at the exact time , sometimes 10 minutes later . I'm also now experiencing vaginal drying durning sex and this wasn't a problem before . So Idk I'm debating on continuing to take It, I never been a fan of birth control but so far I haven't got pregnant and I had a baby 9 months ago btw . I'll see how it goes ... so far it it's better than the combo pill for me personally because I experienced horrible side effects with combo pills”

8 / 10
Dee January 8, 2020

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: “Spotting at first then gushing for days!! Took it for fibroids to control heavy periods. Worst mistake! I bled more than I did without the pill. Depression, tiredness, irritability were all my symptoms!”

1 / 10
Dev · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 5, 2020

Camila (norethindrone) for Birth Control: “Prescribed Camila as a birth control due to high blood pressure couldn't take some of the others. My first 3 months were ok. I did have changes in my skin (went from clear skin to having weird acne all the time). My periods were lighter but longer and the cramps were more painful than what I experienced pre pill. Month 4, I started having breast tenderness constantly. Period was lighter and only lasted 4 days. I thought my body had finally adjusted to the pill. That excitement didn’t last as I had heavy bleeding which started up a week later lasting 7 days. Similar situation month 5: *Possible TMI ahead* The first period was 5 days, barely any cramps, light bleeding but all tissue. There was almost no unclotted blood. Now 6 days later, I wake up yesterday to blood everywhere. Totally unexpected. At the moment, I’m having terrible cramping and heavy flow with a lot of tissue present. I hate this! The irregularity and pain is not worth it.”

4 / 10
Kaye January 4, 2020

Errin (norethindrone) for Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: “I was very scared to start these pills due to the horror stories I've read but I went with my gut and started them a month ago. I was on Tri Lo Milli and it had me bleeding nonstop, some days light some days heavy but bleeding everyday, so I told myself let's do it. I couldn't see it being any worse than bleeding everyday and mind you I'm a married woman and I was tired of telling my husband it's just until my body gets on track. He was understand but I wasn't at all. I hated the fact that this was everyday for me. So anyway I've been taking these like told everyday straight and on time. I stopped bleed after 4 days and I haven't bleed since. Not one drop! I haven't had mood swings, no headaches, no hair loss and no appetite loss or gain. I'm just normal. I do believe some are not doing as the direction say "EVERY DAY ON TIME" and it causes issues as far as bleeding goes but for me its working and I'm happy with them as of now. If anything changes I'll be sure to update you guys!”

10 / 10
CP · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 31, 2019

For Birth Control: “I honestly hate not having regular periods while on this pill because at least getting my period keeps my mind at peace. I have noticed significant breast shrinkage, not great skin, anxiety, and depression. I've become very body-conscious especially with breast shrinkage. I noticed my thighs got a little bigger going up 1-2 sizes also. I was prescribed this because I had a history of probably 4 episodes of migraine with aura BUT I haven't had an episode in over a year and I'm just really not a fan of this pill.”

4 / 10
ARJ · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 30, 2019

Errin (norethindrone) for Endometriosis: “I’ve been taking Errin birth control pill for about a month now. Overall, it’s been really good! I haven’t had the spotting everyone complains about, and I have not had any cramping either. I normally have really terrible periods so I’m hoping this birth control can either stop them completely or lessen the pain. The first week or two, it gave me really bad headaches (not migraines just headaches), but those went away after about week two. I haven’t noticed any weight gain either. I feel like the medicine maybe gives me slight mood swings, but I can recognize them pretty quickly. Unfortunately, I’m not seeing any improvement in my skin.”

8 / 10
megan December 23, 2019

For Birth Control: “I have been on Norethindrone for about two months. Here’s the bottom line: I have suffered from acne for quite some time now and this cleared up my skin almost immediately. However, I would gladly turn back time (and take my old skin back) in an instant if it meant that I never would have gone on this pill in the first place. I have put on so much weight, am always bloated, and I never feel full or satiated. Furthermore, I am constantly in pain, whether it be physical (headaches, cramps, sore breasts) or emotional. I am literally always on the brink of a complete and utter mental breakdown. I am incredibly moody all the time and will snap at the drop of a pin. I always feel like crying and I have no motivation for doing things I used to love. I also have zero, and I mean ZERO, sex drive. How ironic is that? All in all, I am quitting after I finish this second pack because though clear skin is lovely, feeling ugly and depressed isn’t.”

2 / 10
lilian December 22, 2019

For Amenorrhea: “I have been on this pill for about 6 days now. I have heavy period with cramps to the point where I have had to go to the hospital. I am going on a vacation tomorrow so I decided to take them. This is what I will say You might have the SMALLEST amount of blood but it is extremely not noticeable. You may bloat but honestly I did not bloat at all They say that water retention will happen. I drink a litre of water a day and I did not see that. I have PMD and I have never felt this normal when my period is meant to be around the corner or starting. I did not get acne Ask about the concerns with your doctor.”

8 / 10
Ci December 21, 2019

Norlyda (norethindrone) for Birth Control: “I started these birth control pills Norllyda 2 weeks ago. After the second day of taking them I started a period which lasted for 8 days. It stopped and came back on 4 days later. It has now been on for another week and still haven't ended. It’s heavy and I’m going through tampons like crazy. I have to wear a pad as well because the flow is so heavy. The cramps are horrible. I’ve been on birth control pills before and never had an experience like this. I’ve contacted my Dr and was told that this is normal because my period have to regulate and that it can take up to 3 months with these pills to regulate. Meaning that I can be bleeding like this for 3 months. There is no way losing this much blood for all these days is normal. I will be contacting my Dr again to see if they can prescribe me another kind of pill because I can not deal with all this bleeding and cramping. Also these pills don’t have placebos. you never know when your period is going to arrive. I do not recommend these.”

1 / 10
jx3 · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 14, 2019

Errin (norethindrone) for Birth Control: “Just a disclaimer that everyone’s body reacts to medicine differently... but this birth control pill Errin has been PERFECT for me!! I have tried 2 other medicines before this and experienced horrible nausea and migraines plus it wasn’t helping or controlling my painful periods at all. My doctor said this was due to an estrogen sensitivity. As soon as I switched to Errin not only has my skin been nicer, I’ve had ZERO side effects, I haven’t had my period in like 4/5 months, I haven’t experienced any bleeding, spotting, or cramping since I started, and I’m happy. It is amazing it seems too good to be true!! It’s totally changed my life and amount of pain I had, and I look forward to continuing to use it. If you notice similar symptoms as me then definitely chat with your gyno about Errin!!”

10 / 10
M · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 13, 2019

Camila (norethindrone) for Birth Control: “Was on Camila for about 3 years because I have debilitating migraines. I love it, however I'm bloated some days, and crampy. I definitely had breakthrough bleeding. You will have bleeding if you miss the pill sometimes. I didn't get a period for whole month and while its great , my body just felt heavy. I had a baby( I stopped taking it) and went back on it again after”

5 / 10
Extee · Taken for less than 1 month December 13, 2019

Errin (norethindrone) for Birth Control: “Before taking this birth control pill Errin I was on a combination pill (Tarina Fe) for about 7 months. My gyne switched me to Errin because of the depressed mood. I've been on it about a week now. The first two days were a nightmare of moodswings but it's evened out now. My biggest complaint is the number of side effects on already experiencing - nausea, dizziness, headache, severe fatigue, bloating, stomach pain. I'm also experiencing fever and chills. I will probably be talking to my gyne about this soon if it doesn't let up. I'll take the depressed mood over feeling sick all the time.”

5 / 10
lwilli27 · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 12, 2019

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: “Plz be very careful when deciding to take this pill. The DR s and the packaging make it seem like no big deal. In reality it can be very harmful. I took norethindrone for 2 months and went into adrenal fatigue. I had one of the worst nights of my life feeling like I was having a stroke or heart attack. I'm 45 and needed something to help me stop abnormal bleeding. This pill made me bleed even more and now I need to get a leg scan to check for clots as well. Steer clear of this drug.”

1 / 10
Anonymous December 12, 2019

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: “I started taking this medication and I am not pleased. This pill does not work. This is my second refill of this medicine and I am still bleeding.”

3 / 10
Em · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 9, 2019

Camila (norethindrone) for Birth Control: “I had to stop Camila after one month. Ordered it online after filling out a brief questionnaire. Due to the fact I smoke, and am 35 they gave me Camila. I used ortho tri cyclen my whole life and no issues. This one made me have my period for a straight month with maybe a week off. I bled so heavy I went to the ER And was in so much pain they thought I had developed a blood clot in my lung. I almost went a second time due to heavy bleeding again a week later. Mood swings were insane... I feel these results are caused by too much estrogen in this pill. Either way I feel so much better being off it for just one week. Good luck!”

1 / 10
Carissa December 8, 2019

Camila (norethindrone) for Birth Control: “I’ve been on Camila birth control pill for a year after switching from combo to minipill due to migraine auras. Since switching my periods went back to the length and flow pre-BC (8 days & medium flow). My cramps came back too. Something new was that I would get emotional a day before my period. Full on crying. My acne stayed the same when I switched. My libido stayed very high. My cycle was starting to become regular (few days early/late), until a few months ago. I haven’t changed anything but my cycle is extremely irregular now (last period was late by a week, haven’t had a period since and it’s been over a month- took several pregnancy tests and all negative), I lost my libido & skin is breaking out a lot. My hormones are out of whack. Not sure what is causing it or if the side effects just took a year to kick in but I wish I could switch back to combo pills since there are diff ones to try. I don’t plan on getting off of this BC but I’m also not loving it. I will be talking to my gyno about other options.”

4 / 10
A-Cakes (28 years old) · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 29, 2019

Tulana (norethindrone) for Birth Control: “I started Tulana after having a Mirena IUD for about 7 years. I was having problems with ovarian cysts and thought the Mirena might be what was causing it, so had it removed. I have intense migraines too, so I my only options are progesterone-only BC methods. I wanted to give my body some time to adjust to the new hormone intake process, but after three months I have decided to stop taking it. The depression, anxiety, fatigue, and horrible cramps are just not worth it. My emotional state is a wreck 2/4 weeks every month. I had my first panic attack in over a year. I had menstrual cramping that hurt so bad I passed out and had to go to the ER (not ovarian cyst related). This medication might work well for some, but definitely not for me. I can't wait to get my IUD back. T_T”

1 / 10
Rach13 November 27, 2019

For Birth Control: “So I’m 32 . I have over the years tried all the birth controls except the implant lol . There’s too many pills to have tried them all , but I’ve tried my fair share. I get migraines and I have depression and anxiety issues. I opted for the progesterone only pill . It’s been 3 months. My skin is clear sans a pimple here and there , but no acne . My hair isn’t shedding like crazy . I’ve had some ugly cries but all in all I feel okay . I also switched antidepressants so I don’t think I can blame the mini pill . It stopped the heavy heavy bleeding . Have had some spotting but nothing I can’t handle at this point . Fave birth control so far .”

10 / 10
Kels · Taken for 6 months to 1 year November 27, 2019

Errin (norethindrone) for Birth Control: “Like stated before, every body handles birth control differently! For me, it has significantly improved my mood!!! I haven’t had the weight gain, if anything I’ve lost. Periods can be a little off or non existent sometimes but nothing crazy. (I enjoy the break from a period lol) Give it a try!”

9 / 10
Kate · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 26, 2019

Camila (norethindrone) for Birth Control: “I've been on Camilla for 6 months, was put on after the birth of my daughter. Cons: Headaches, 20 pound weight gain, horrible mood swings, and longer periods (4 days start to finish vs 7.5 now.) Hair loss. Constant cramps, I've developed extreme nausea that is similar to morning sickness, and painful sex. (These are CONSTANT. THERE IS NO BREAK FROM THESE SIDE EFFECTS.) And that's after being begged for it, as I have 0 sex drive. Let me highlight how extreme a change that is: I used to crave/ want to have sex 4 times DAILY. Now? Zero. Pros: less painful periods. No pregnancy. I have stopped taking this rubbish pill. Whoever invented it: get a new profession. I've been off it 2 weeks and feel so SO much better mentally and physically. Like coming out of a fog. Don't try this garbage.”

2 / 10
NaeNahni November 26, 2019

Heather (norethindrone) for Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: “I have been on Heather birth control pills for about two years or so. Since I've been taking these Heather pills, bleeding (at least for me) is almost non stop. I bleed more in most months than I don't bleed. I thought, maybe it's because I'm getting older and closer to menopause, but after reading these reviews, I realize, I am having the same types of symptoms as many others are. In addition to the excessive bleeding, the following are additional problems: weight gain, thinning hair/balding, random tender breasts, and forget the glowing facial skin. About the time I was switched to these pills, I was at my ob-gyn for an appointment. I informed my doctor's assistant what was going on the first time I noticed the extended bleeding, but because she didn't seem worried, I didn't connect the dots back then. Just recently, after giving more thought to my dilemma, I realized, these problems began about the same time the pharmacist(s) switched me to this Heather brand from the one I was on.”

1 / 10